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Manage Fibromyalgia Pain With a Hot Tub/Swim Spa

Fibromyalgia is no joke. It's painful and exhausting, defined as chronic muscle pain, tenderness, unexplained exhaustion and even headaches. There is no known cause or cure. All fibromyalgia sufferers can…

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Easy Sauna Maintenance and Cleaning

Saunas are a great addition to your in-home health regimen, but don't forget that they need some maintenance and cleaning to stay in tip-top functionality. If you actively work toward…

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Easter Dinner on a Pellet Grill

The Easter holiday is another great reason to get the family together for a wonderful meal and quality time! This year, why not make Easter dinner on your Louisiana Pellet…

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East Texas Spa has a New Website!

We're excited to announce our new website will make your home health and fitness buying process that much easier! What can you expect to find on our new website? Access…

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Find Relief From Rheumatoid Arthritis – Sauna & Cold Immersion Therapy

Find Relief from Rheumatoid Arthritis – Sauna & Cold Immersion Therapy

Nordic cultures have a deep running tradition of hot and cold therapy for body wellness. No, we're not talking about a heating pad followed by an ice pack on a…

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Access and Monitor Hot Tub Functions Remotely

Dragging the little ones to bed, amidst the laughter and refusals to brush teeth, you may find yourself longing to relax in the hot tub once they're all in their…

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Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs: Too Good To Be True

Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs: Too Good to Be True

Are you dreaming of a hot tub in your backyard that requires no maintenance? Well, maybe someday, but the industry isn't quite there yet. So those "self-cleaning hot tubs" you…

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Date Night In Your Hot Tub

Date Night in Your Hot Tub

Are you looking for a different way to spend a romantic evening with the person who puts a skip in your step? What about a romantic evening under the stars…

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