Warm Water Therapy Leg Excercises to Help Relieve Knee Pain

Almost all of us have suffered from knee pain at some point. Injury-related and arthritis-knee pain are two of the most common joint problems. Of course, some spend too much time walking on hard floors, and knee joints ache from stress. Because of the impact, your knees absorb more than your weight in pressure for … Read More

Hot Tubs and Texas Winter: A Perfect Combination

One of the biggest misconceptions about hot tubs is that you can only use them during the warmer months of the year. However, if you properly maintain your hot tub, you can use your hot tub all year round. That means that, yes, on the rare occasion we get frost and snow in Texas, your … Read More

Using Hot Tubs in the Summer Heat

In Texas, summer comes early.  By May, much of east Texas has already flirted with temps in the 90s!. You may be shopping for hot tubs, thinking that hot tub ownership could be a fantastic investment. But here in Tyler and Longview, it’s hot and humid in summer, right? So will this big investment go … Read More

Using a Hot Tub During the Summer (Hot) Months

When people think of hot tubs, they don’t traditionally think of summertime. Can I use my hot tub during hot Texas summers? That lovely hot tub that was relaxing in the fall, winters, and spring may not look as inviting when all you want to do is to escape the heat with a cool shower … Read More

Saltwater vs. Chlorine Hot Tubs

So, you’re about to buy a hot tub? Congrats! Before you buy, you’ll have to decide whether you want saltwater or chlorinated water in your hot tub. The top two choices in spa water purification systems are either traditional chlorine purification or the saltwater system. Chlorine is the older, more well-known option, but saltwater has … Read More

How Hot Tubs Can Increase Mobility

As we age, our bodies lose mobility. It’s just a fact of life! Stiff bodies are exasperated if your job has you sitting at a desk much of the day. We all have felt stiff joints and achy necks and backs when we wake up. And while we can’t stop the hands of time and … Read More

Can You Use a Hot Tub with Cold Water?

6 Ways to Create a “Cool” Hot Tub in the Summer Perhaps the biggest question by spa owners when summertime comes and the temperatures start to rise is, “Can you use a hot tub with cold water?” Hot tub owners have a beautiful spa in their backyard that they want to use year-round. But in … Read More

Our 3 Best Seller Hot Tubs and Why

The hot tub buying process is difficult, trust us we get it! Throughout the process, our customers are constantly asking us which hot tubs are the most popular out of them all and why they are so popular. There are many different reasons our customers love these certain hot tubs so much, so let’s explore … Read More

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Hot Tubs

We know buying a hot tub feels like a big decision. You probably have questions such as… How do I buy a hot tub? What type of hot tub should I purchase? What does it take to treat your spa? and so on. We’re here to help. We answer several questions below. But if you … Read More

5 Benefits of the FreshWater™ Salt System

If you think that keeping up with your hot tub’s care is a lot of work, think again. Let’s talk about the FreshWater™ Salt System which is available on all HotSpring® Highlife® and Limelight® Collection spas. This easy-to-use saltwater system eliminates the worry of keeping spa water clean, clear, and sanitized for an entire year! … Read More