Hot Tub Covers: Buying Guide for Hot Tub and Spa Covers

Hot tub covers are absolutely essential for maintaining the performance and aesthetic of your hot tub.  Even though they can be a small additional expense, a cover is one accessory your family needs to ensure that having a spa is a relaxing experience, not a stressful one.  If you’re trying to buy a hot tub … Read More

Buying Guide: Swim Spas and Endless Pools in East Texas

Swim spas or endless pools are an incredible way to get the exercise you need without the cost, space or time it requires to run a pool. It’s true that there are many different brands and features of swim spa on the market.  However, the way in which a swim spa functions is generally the … Read More

Our Tyler Hot Tub Store is 30+ Years Old and Counting!

East Texas Spa is proud to have served — and continue to serve — the community of Tyler, Texas, a vibrant and dynamic city.   We love the city of Tyler and for our readers across the country, we wanted to share a little bit about where our first hot tub showroom has called home for … Read More

Exercising in Hot Tubs and Endless Pools 101

Exercise is an important way in which we keep our bodies moving and working well. Sometimes it’s easy to get up, go to the gym and put in a good workout. Other times? It’s pretty difficult to make the trip. If you own a hot tub, we’ve got some good news for you. Instead of … Read More

Hot Tub Safety for Parents

There’s no doubt that hot tubs provide a lot of fun for the family. While a hot tub can bring your family closer together, owning one comes with a few major responsibilities. These responsibilities include things like making sure that the water is clean and clear, that the pump works well, and that the water … Read More

Hot Tubs and Winter: A Perfect Combination

One of the biggest misconceptions about hot tubs is that you can only use it during the warmer months of the year. If you properly maintain your hot tub, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. It is possible to use your hot tub all year round, which means that yes, you can even enjoy … Read More

Could Time in a Hot Tub End Insomnia?

Could Time in a Hot Tub End Insomnia?

How  a hot tub may help you fall asleep faster. The National Sleep Foundation reports that about 132 million Americans experience sleep disorders more than one night a week. There’s a growing number of sleep disorder centers popping up across the country, evidence that the number of American affected continues to rise. What causes insomnia? Could the … Read More