Connextion: Online Hot Tub Monitoring

Have a Hot Spring hot tub?  Like gadgets?   You’ll love Connextion.   Connextion is the only system capable of providing security and peace of mind while you’re away. Take comfort in knowing your spa is being watched over by a smart, online hot tub monitoring system. This new service provides monitoring for spa owners who frequently … Read More

What’s the Best Time of Year to Buy a Hot Tub?

There are a multitude of reasons to purchase a hot tub.  Depending on why you and your family want to buy a hot tub, you may not care to wait for the “best time” of year or for some promotion to come around.  Some of the most common reasons folks buy a hot tub include health … Read More

Common Hot Tub Upgrades, Enhancements, and Accessories

There are a lot of cool things that come standard in/with your Hot Spring hot tub — but there are a lot of cool accessories, upgrades, and general enhancements you can purchase, as well.  Some are for comfort, others for safety, but all of the following are ways to enhance your experience in your hot … Read More

Find the Best Hot Tub Jets for Your Body

Sitting in a Hot Spring hot tub can feel like getting a professional massage.  Maybe even better than a massage. Hot Spring employs the best in engineers and designers to design the jets in their hot tubs. The skilled professionals at Designworks, a BMW Group company, created a wide variety of innovative, energy-efficient jet options … Read More

Best Hot Tubs to Buy in 2018

Here at East Texas Spa, we offer a wide variety of hot tubs under the HotSpring and Freeflow brands. It’s our opinion that these two companies are the best spa manufacturers in the world. These are a few of our favorite models. Best Hot Tub for Entertaining The Freeflow Excursion hot tub seats 5 people … Read More

HotSpring Hot Tub Lighting Systems

At restaurants and bars, ambiance plays a huge role in your enjoyment. The same goes for hot tubs. Hot Spring knows the value of being able to perfectly align the atmosphere with your mood. That’s why most of their spas include a multi-color LED system. Choose from the four systems below: Luminescence® Featured in the … Read More

Tax Benefits of Hot Tubs as a Medical Expense

Can you write off a hot tub on your taxes as a legitimate medical expense?  Answer:  It’s complicated. In a country with a prescription drug problem, it’s good to know that we, as consumers, have natural treatment options. Time spent in a hot tub is both enjoyable and effective for treating pain. Sometimes, your doctor … Read More

Using Hot Tubs in the Summer Heat

In Texas, summertime comes early.  We’ve already flirted with the 90s this year and it’s not even May. You’re shopping for hot tubs, thinking that hot tub ownership could be a great investment. But here in East Texas, it gets pretty hot and humid in the summer months, right? Your main concern is that your … Read More