Huge Drawbacks to Inflatable Hot Tubs (Read Before Buying)

So, you’ve shopped for “real” hot tubs a couple of other places and you’re thinking you can’t afford one right now.  Fair enough, they can be quite an investment (though keep in mind, we offer great financing options!). Fast forward a few days and a few glasses of wine one night later and you find … Read More

Highest Rated Hot Tub from HotSpring: Jetsetter NXT

With so many amazing spa models under the Hot Springs name, choosing a favorite hot tub is nearly impossible – for us, at least.  HotSpring customers around the country believe the Jetsetter NXT is a five-star hot tub, as do we. It has an official rating of 4.9 stars. This model is incredibly popular for … Read More

Should You Take a Vacation or Buy a Hot Tub?

Which will make you happier — short-term entertainment and pleasure by taking a vacation or investing in the long-term by purchasing a  hot tub?   The 2017 World Happiness Report offers some insight: Norway won the title of the world’s happiest country in 2017, nudging Denmark out of the top spot, where it had been for … Read More

Nacogdoches Hot Tubs

Home to Stephen F. Austin State University and the oldest town in Texas, Nacogdoches is a small town situated in East Texas that roughly 30,000 folks call home… here at East Texas Spa we love seeing folks visit from Nacogdoches! New and Used Hot Tubs in Nacogdoches If you’re looking to buy a new or … Read More