5 Benefits of the FreshWater™ Salt System

If you think that keeping up with your hot tub’s care is a lot of work, think again. Let’s talk about the FreshWater™ Salt System which is available on all HotSpring® Highlife® and Limelight® Collection spas.

This easy-to-use saltwater system eliminates the worry of keeping spa water clean, clear, and sanitized for an entire year!

Say goodbye to those daily, weekly, cumbersome care plans.

With a little salt in your spa water, the system automatically generates chlorine. You’ll spend less time measuring and adding chemicals. This unique system makes spa ownership more effortless than ever by removing the guesswork and hassle of water care maintenance.

Here are five benefits of the FreshWater™ Salt System.

1. Water Conservation

The FreshWater™ Salt System is at the cutting edge of innovation for water conservation.

We Texans understand the value of conserving water, especially in our dry, hot summers. The trend to be conscious of our water use is here to stay.

To do our part in not wasting a valuable natural resource, like freshwater, we must do more to ensure hot tubs aren’t water-wasters. The FreshWater™ Salt System answers the call by preserving spa water for an entire year before draining and refilling are required. That’s an enormous amount of water saved!

And by making saltwater more affordable with the FreshWater system, more spa owners can take advantage of this opportunity to conserve.

2. The long-term cost of ownership is lower

The low-cost, integrated, and in-line design benefits of the FreshWater™ Salt System make saltwater spa ownership more appealing and accessible than ever.

With its affordability, easy maintenance, and water-saving solutions, it’s clear that a HotSpring® Limelight® or Highlife® Collection spa is the best choice.

The FreshWater™ System makes for an affordable chlorine-generating salt system that removes cost barriers and is the best value available.


3. The Titanium Cartridge boasts cutting edge technology

The in-line design and user-friendly way to service the spa makes the FreshWater™ system unlike anything on the market today.

The FreshWater System uses a maintenance-free titanium cartridge. The titanium cartridge generates sanitizer from salt without the harsh chlorine feel or odor, keeping the water clean, clear, and soft on the skin.

In normal conditions, the cartridge requires no maintenance or cleaning. However, if operated outside of hardness parameters, the cell may scale but can be easily cleaned.

4. Replacing the cartridge is a piece of cake

After four months of use, or when the chlorine-generating titanium cartridge stops producing sanitizer, the owner can change the cartridge in seconds—no need to drain the spa, disconnect any wires, or call us. Of course, our service team is here for you any time you need a little assistance!

East Texas Hot Tub sells the titanium cartridges in an attractive three-pack carton, giving the customer an affordable one-year supply of water care.

5. Integrated, seamless design

HotSpring® integrates The FreshWater™ System into the spa control panel and plumbing for convenient access and reliable operation.

That means you won’t see any unsightly added components on the spa! The instructions on the control panel indicate when the salt system needs attention and what steps to take, eliminating the guesswork.

When it comes to maintaining your spa, what else could you ask for?

Hot tub maintenance has come a long way since the invention of hot tubs years ago. No longer are they a pain to keep clean and enjoy safely. Keeping up with the maintenance of your spa could not be any easier with the FreshWater™ System! And these are only some of the fantastic benefits that the FreshWater™ System has to offer!

If you want to learn more about the benefits a FreshWater™ System could bring you, set an appointment with our staff. It may be weird, but we love chatting about hot tubs.

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Happy hot tubbing friends! 

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