ACE Salt Water System FAQs

Just bought a Hot Spring hot tub with an ACE Salt Water System?  We’ve got all the answers to your most frequently asked questions about the ACE salt water system below.

How much salt is in a saltwater hot tub with the ACE system? Will the water taste salty?

There is very little salt required to run the ACE system. Estimates show humans can taste salt in water at about 3,000-4,000 ppm. The ACE system target salt level is only 1,750 ppm. If you examine how the salt level of hot tub water treated with the ACE salt water system compares to other liquids with dissolved salt, you’ll be surprised at how low the concentration is.

Liquid Average Salt Level
Sea Water 35,000 ppm
Tears – 6,000 ppm
Salt water pool – 3,000-5,000 ppm
ACE spa water – 1,750 ppm

How often do I need to add salt to my hot tub?

The ACE system will generate chlorine from the salt initially added to the water until the owner decides to drain and refill the hot tub, or top it off with a significant amount of water. Only then will the owner need to add more salt.

What is Active Oxygen?

The term ‘active oxygen’ describes a powerful oxidizer (OH-) derived from water (H20). It’s different from oxygen (O2) and ozone (O3).

How is Active Oxygen created in my hot tub?

The ACE salt water system uses a diamond electrode to send energy into the water, which breaks water molecules apart and allows active oxygen to be released. No other hot tub salt water system has the ability to create this oxidizer.

What makes Active Oxygen so special?

Active oxygen is a desirable choice because it can break down waste and contaminants completely without the use of chemicals and without the issue of chemical byproducts. Your skin and eyes will thank you!

Is the ACE system technology used in applications other than hot tubs?

Yes. The technical name for the process is advanced oxidation. It’s used to treat water in a variety of industries including food manufacturing, beer brewing, and the purification of groundwater and wastewater.

Why is calcium hardness a concern for hot tubs?

Water with high calcium levels causes the buildup of scale, also known as limescale. You’ve probably seen it before on your shower faucet; it’s white, crumbly and hard to miss. Scale accumulates in and on the pumps, heater, jets, wall fittings, escutcheons and more, causing these valuable components to function incorrectly. The Vanishing Act® calcium remover helps to protect these components and make the hot tub water feel softer.

How can I decrease calcium hardness in hot tub water?

The Vanishing Act® calcium remover works very well for decreasing hot tub water hardness levels to the recommended level of 50 ppm. At this low concentration, your hot tub will experience improved operation and require minimal ACE cell cleaning. By removing calcium from the hot tub water, you are decreasing the need for additional chemicals, like Stain and Scale, which will only temporarily treat the calcium in the water, not remove it.

I have very hard water; what’s the best way to fill my hot tub?

We recommend using the On The Go portable hot tub water softener. Made for owners of RVs and houseboats, this water softener system utilizes an 18 lb tank, hoses, valves and accepts standard table salt. Follow the directions to hook up the tank to your hot tub and you’re ready to top off or completely refill your hot tub. The water will flow through the tank where it will become softened, and then into your tub. The On The Go system is reusable, rechargeable, and will last the life of your spa.

What if my calcium hardness levels are high in my hot tub?

In the event you find scale has accumulated on the ACE system electrodes, soak the ACE cell in a solution of pH Down and spa water for 10 minutes. The ACE kit will include an empty bottle with cleaning instructions on the label. Clean the cell this way once every three months. FreshWater® cell cleaning solutions are also available.

How often do I need to change my hot tub water with the ACE hot tub salt water system?

Some owners will need to change their hot tub water more than others, but one thing’s for sure – the ACE system reduces the number of water changes per year. By cutting down on the amount of bottled chemical products that need to be added, and by breaking down waste and contaminants naturally, the ACE system permits the water to last up to 12 months.

How long does the ACE cell last?

Typically, the ACE cell will last between 2 and 3 years. It’s not designed to run 24 hours a day – only a few hours at a time. The life of the cell will vary depending on the exact number of hours it runs, which is determined by the size of the spa and how often it is used.

Does the ACE system cost more than other hot tub water care systems?

Yes, but only slightly. The ACE system eliminates the need for manual doses of sanitizer and also eliminates all side effects that are traditionally associated with hot tub care. It’s a safe, healthy, and eco-friendly option you can feel good about using around your family.

Which hot tub models are available with the ACE hot tub salt water system?

All new Hot Spring hot tubs in the Highlife® Collection, Highlife Collection NXT and Limelight® Collection are compatible with the ACE salt water sanitizing system.