Tips, Considerations, and Advice on Buying a Hot Tub

Consider When Buying a Hot Tub

Over our 30 years in selling hot tubs in East Texas, we’ve helped countless folks find the right hot tub (and accessories).  Naturally, there are some questions or concerns from folks about buying a hot tub that we’ve address more than others.

If you’re in the market — or will be soon — for a new or used hot tub, we’ve addressed some of the most common questions and concerns below. If you have more questions and are located in the East Texas area, we’d love for you top by one of our two showrooms in Tyler or Longview, Texas. You can also give us a call at 903-561-7565!


With any purchase, consider your budget and all associated costs. For example, it costs approximately $30/month to heat a hot tub. Consider the following costs:

Space & Location

You’ll want to have plenty of room for your new tub for the following purposes:

  • Tub maintenance
  • Yard maintenance (mowing and/or weed wacking)
  • Emergencies
  • A walkway leading to the tub
  • Indoor or outdoor?
    • Indoor tubs require ventilation

How many people?

How many people will regularly be using the tub? If you enjoy entertaining at your home with your kids, family members, friends or neighbors, you’ll likely need a hot tub that can accomodate them. To ensure everyone is comfortable, it’s wise to follow the rule of 100 gallons per person.

Zoning Approval

This doesn’t apply everywhere, but there are some municipalities with building codes that require zoning approval for pools and hot tubs. Check into it before you place your order.


Depending on the type of electric hook-up your chosen hot tub has, you may need to consult an electrician. Some tubs have a plug-and-play setup that’s as easy as plugging your laptop or cell phone into the wall outlet, while others require physical wiring to be done by a professional.


You’ll need to drain your tub every few months and refill it with fresh water. The location on your property chosen for your new tub will need to account for this regularly scheduled maintenance and take into account surrounding flower beds, electric wires, etc.


Hot tub maintenance is relatively simple, but it should be planned for. Chlorine is the traditional choice for sanitizing your tub, but in recent years, bromine and salt water have become far more popular.

Cash or Finance?

There’s no doubt about it – cash is king. But there are benefits to financing a big purchase like a hot tub. Review our article on the subject for details.


Consider how our (or your) delivery crew will be able to transport the hot tub from the truck into your backyard, screen enclosure, deck, or whatever chosen location you settle on. Check out our post on yard prep for more information.

How to Choose the Right Hot Tub

Do Your Research

We’re all different, and so are hot tubs! There’s a tub for everyone out there – big, small, round, oval, square, with lots of jets or just a few, etc. Some tubs are basic. Some have all the bells and whistles. Be sure to do your research instead of settling on the first tub you find.

Wet Test

For the same reasons you should test drive a car before buying, you should test a hot tub before making that commitment. At East Texas Spa, you can test our hot tubs in our

Choosing a Reputable Dealer

An honest dealer will provide a fair price, excellent service, necessary resources, expert advice, and even access to their database of current customers so you can verify their reputation. At East Texas Spa, we are more than happy to provide references that can share their feedback and experience with you.

Avoid buying…

…At a carnival, fair, or parking lot sale

These places simply aren’t the venues for it. While it may be tempting to entertain the idea of purchasing a hot tub at a local weekend event, we highly advise against it. There are stories of customers putting down payments on hot tubs only to never be able to contact the vendor again. The safe bet is to go through a well-known local business with a physical location in town.


It’s really important to test hot tubs in person for a couple of reasons. In addition to finding the right tub for you and your family, you’ll want to test the tub in person, speak with an employee, and physically verify the business’ legitimacy.

…From Big Box Retailers

Big box retailers frequently sell the watered down version of the dream tub you saw online or at the showroom. Save yourself the disappointment by avoiding shopping for the ‘lite’ version.

…On Craigslist

Most of the hot tubs on Craigslist are on there for a reason… they’re faulty, broken, damaged, or old.  Unless they’re posted by a reputable dealer, it’s best to be incredibly skeptical.  If a price seems too good to be true — it probably is and you won’t find out why until you get it setup (or try to set it up) at home.

Where should you buy a hot tub?

If you’re anywhere in or around East Texas, it’s East Texas Spa, of course!   Call or stop by and we’ll answer any and all questions you might have about buying a hot tub.  We’ll help you find the right hot tub for you and your family, then get it delivered and setup at at your home.  We’ll stick around, too, so if any questions, concerns, or issues might arise years down the road we’ll be there for you then, as well!