The Best Hot Tub Features

Most people know that owning or using a hot tub, is a great way to relax after a long day at work or just for fun on the weekend. What most people don’t know is that many hot tubs come with a ton of features, all of which focus on your comfort, and wellbeing.

But, before you go ahead and invest in the biggest and best hot tub model on the market (or wish you had), it’s important to understand what you’re really getting. Some features, while nice to have, aren’t necessary–unless you feel they really help to enhance your hot tub experience.

So, to help you better understand what’s available, we’ve put together a list of the very best in hot tub features. Whether you have them or not, buy them or not, is completely up to you and your hot tub needs.


Hot tubs that come with at least 1-2 jets is one of the reasons why so many people make the investment. When placed correctly, they provide a relaxing massage that can release tension in tight muscles. While older hot tub models only had jets that sprayed outward in one continuous jet, newer models have use patented jet technology for a far superior experience.

You can request jets that spray in multiple directions, jets that can increase or decrease water pressure, jets that massage the entire length of your body and more! The best part is, you can indicate and control your jet preferences all with the touch of a button.

It is important to test out the hot tub and all the jets before you make a purchase. If the jets are in the wrong spot, or don’t comfortably target the right muscles, you won’t end up enjoying the experience. Most hot tub dealers will talk to you about your jet preferences and customizations can definitely be made to suit you, your partner and other hot tub users.


If you can’t decide on the type of jets you want, or how many jets you want, think about reasons why you use your hot tub (or want to use your hot tub). There are many people out there who use their hot tub as part of their hydrotherapy treatments.

Hydrotherapy helps people to treat different ailments including, arthritis, stress, sore muscles, diabetes and more. Jets, and the correct placement of jets are very important for hydrotherapy because they work in combination with the warm water of a hot tub to increase overall wellness.


There are a number of different ways to light up your hot tub. Lighting is a pretty important feature if you plan on using your hot tub during evening hours. You don’t want to have an accident around water. You want to make sure that you can see clearly as you get in and out of your hot tub. Not only that, but if you are in your hot tub with your friends, family or partner, you’ll want to see them too!

Most hot tubs come with at least a few lights. What you want to look for is a hot tub that uses LED lights. This particular feature will help to reduce your electricity bill. LED lights also don’t need changing nearly as often.

Some hot tub dealerships offer lights that change color, or light up the cup holders around the hot tub. Many of these dealerships also offer floating light devices that you can throw into the hot tub if you want a bit more ambiance. As you can see, there are plenty of lighting options for you to choose from. It’s extremely versatile, which is great news since having good, working hot tub lights is such an important feature!

Number of Seats

This feature is highly dependant on how much space you have in your backyard in addition to how much you can afford. Hot Tub models come in a variety of sizes, which mean that they also offer a variety of seating options.

It’s possible to purchase a 1-2 person hot tub. It’s also possible to purchase a 16 person hot tub. If you want, you can even build a completely customized hot tub with as many seats as you could possibly want! The number of seats you settle on is entirely up to you and your budget.

Entertainment System

Do you like listening to music in your backyard? Why not add the experience to your hot tub so that you don’t have to deal with tricky and potentially dangerous electricity situations? Many new hot tub models come with entertainment systems so that you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your spa to enjoy your music.

Colors & Cabinets

What’s the fun in owning a hot tub if you can’t add a little customization to make it truly your own? Most hot tub interiors and exteriors come in a variety of colors–all of which blend perfectly into your backyard. Some also come with special finishes that help you to find your hot tub, even in the dark. If you’re looking for something a little fancier, most hot tub manufacturers also offer special priced color combinations.

Cabinets or hot tub siding help to cover the mechanical parts that make your hot tub work. They contain the hot tub interior and help your hot tub to remain upright. Many cabinet designs look like wood but are much more durable and can withstand damage from elements including, the sun, rain and snow. Most hot tub dealers have several cabinet options for you to choose from.

Hot Tub Cover

Some people might not think that a hot tub cover is really one of the best features of a hot tub, but we’re here to let you know how it can actually save you money.

If you want to use your hot tub in cooler temperatures, a hot tub cover will help you to keep your hot tub running on a lower frequency. It will also trap the heat and keep your water from freezing. If you keep your hot tub cover on when you aren’t using your hot tub, you’ll soon find you have a lower energy bill and you won’t have to call in for maintenance nearly as often (if at all).

Most hot tubs come with a custom made cover that will fit perfectly over your hot tub. In addition to lowering you electricity bill and maintenance costs, keeping the cover on your hot tub will prevent any animals or children from falling into the water. It’s an important element to keeping your backyard safe and fun.

Cleaning & Water Care Technology

Gone are the days of trying to balance your hot tub water with chemicals that require mixing and testing. Most modern hot tubs now come with water care systems that automatically take care of most of the cleaning for you. All you need to do is weekly maintenance and the water system pretty much does the rest.

These new water cleaning systems also help to increase the lifespan of your hot tub. It ensures that the balance is always right, so that you aren’t left guessing and adding the wrong chemicals. Filters that come with these cleaning systems also help to collect and debris that could harm the inner workings of your hot tub.

Keep in Mind: Less is Often More

When it comes to purchasing or upgrading a hot tub, many people jump at the chance to buy the cheapest model with the most number of features. This usually isn’t a great idea because these hot tubs, while stacked, are usually built with inferior technology and parts. So, while you’re enjoying your hot tub with its 50 jets and seating for all of your closest family and friends today–if you only paid $500 for it, chances are it won’t last a year.

If hydrotherapy is important to you, then consider a smaller two-seater tub with lights and an entertainment system so that you can stretch while listening to classical music. If socializing is important to you, then invest in a larger hot tub with more seats, an entertainment system–but less jets. You won’t need them because you’ll be too busy enjoying time with your friends!

There’s no doubt that features are important, but you want to make sure that you invest in the right features. This way, you can get a great experience from your hot tub, without breaking the bank.