6 Ways to Fix Cloudy Hot Tub Water

Cloudy Water

Hot tub full of cloudy water?  Cloudy water is the result of a number of factors that all have to do with how balanced the water in your tub is. Think back to high school chemistry, follow the steps in this article, and hopefully we can clear (pun intended) things up for you!

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1. Buy Some Test Strips

pH is a term you might’ve seen or heard a few times while shopping for a hot tub (or the chemicals for it!).  pH is the measure of the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution.  The perfect pH – a neutral pH – correlates with clear water, unless there’s another foreign agent floating around (we’ll get to that). Water that is too alkaline allows calcium buildup, also known as scale, to take hold along the walls, fixtures, and simply float around in the water itself. Water that’s too acidic can eat away at the tub or allow algae to grow, neither of which is a good thing. A few test strips from East Texas Spa is the first step to understanding your hot tub’s current chemistry.

2. Use a Natural Clarifier

If you do find your water is out balance, a natural clarifier can help to set it straight.  This is the easiest solution to this problem.

3. Check the Ozone System

The great thing about ozone (yes, the same substance that’s in our atmosphere!) is that it is a natural sanitizer and also makes bromine and chlorine, two popular sanitizing agents, more effective.  A few years back, hot tub manufacturers decided to add ozonators (devices that make ozone) to their designs as a way to keep hot tub water clean.

While rare, an issue can come up with your hot tub’s ozone system.  If your hot tub is a few years old, it may require service.  Give us a call — we not only sell hot tubs and accessories, but we service HotSpring hot tubs, as well!

4. Replenish Sanitizers

A common reason for cloudy water is insufficient sanitizer levels. If you’ve been slacking on your sanitizer game, no worries! It’s a quick fix. Regardless of the type of sanitizer you’re using, the best thing to do is schedule maintenance on your calendar and stick to it. In addition to your regular bromine or chlorine treatment, you can do a mini spa clean after a large gathering to help combat rogue body oil and skin care products.

5. Clean/Replace Filters

How old are your filters?  Are they clogged up with grime?  If they can be salvaged, by all means, go ahead and rinse them out and go on your way!  However, if you think they’re too far gone, it’s best to swap them out for new filters.

Here’s a sample video from HotSpring on how to clean a Tri-X Filter:

6. Flush It

This is the worst case scenario!  We’re not fans of wasting water, but hot tubs do need to be drained every once in a while.  This is particularly true if a considerable amount of pollutants have recently been introduced to the water (family reunion, lots of sunscreen, spilled beverages, etc).  In this instance, flush your tub out and replace with fresh water.

In any case, please don’t hesitate to call us if you’re in East Texas!  We’ll be happy to recommend some products to you and if necessary we can come out and service your hot tub.