Common Hot Tub Upgrades, Enhancements, and Accessories

There are a lot of cool things that come standard in/with your Hot Spring hot tub — but there are a lot of cool accessories, upgrades, and general enhancements you can purchase, as well.  Some are for comfort, others for safety, but all of the following are ways to enhance your experience in your hot tub overall.

Clarion® Lighting System
Outdoor lighting transforms a backyard into a usable space at night. The Clarion lighting system features LED bars meant to be installed on your spa cabinet or spa steps in order to brighten the surroundings for safety and ambiance.

Spa Side Umbrella
When you’re already feeling warm in a hot tub, having sun in your eyes or catching some rays doesn’t sound so appealing. The Spa Side Umbrella, available in Crème or Navy Blue, offers 360° degrees of shade. This 9’9” rust-resistant umbrella is constructed from coated aluminum and zinc-plated steel, with a base plate mounted under the spa cabinet for stability.

Spa Pillow
To get the most out of a relaxing experience, you have to be all-in. A spa pillow is just the thing you need to release tension in your neck and upper back, while hydrotherapy jets work on your muscles.

Spa Side Towel Tree
In order to prevent your body from catching a chill as you search for a towel, it’s wise to keep a towel tree next to the spa. Hang fresh towels or robes within reach and stay warm from the backyard to your bedroom.

Spa Side Handrail
This unique handrail has a base plate that secures under the spa cabinet for stability, and can be swung in or out of the spa for easy use. It also has a battery-powered LED light to ensure your safety while entering and exiting the spa at night.

If you’re looking for other ways to to enhance the experience in your hot tub, contact us today!