Does a hot tub add value to your home?

One of the more frequently asked questions about hot tub ownership is “Does owning a hot tub add value to my home?” The simple answer to that questions is “It depends.” The two factors that affect that answer are the prospective buyer, and the climate of the seller’s location.


For many, a hot tub is a luxury item, but there’s no guarantee that it will add extra dollars onto a home’s selling price. Some prospective buyers might easily see themselves in relaxing in the hot tub, soaking up the benefits while others might view the hot tub as extra maintenance and hassle that isn’t worth their time. But under the right circumstances, a hot tub can add value to a home. Not all homes can market themselves as offering relaxing hydrotherapy steps away from the back door, can they?

The buyers that know the value

The most natural prospective buyer to persuade is the one who has already spent time in a hot tub. Understanding the value one adds to a home for this type of buyer is easy. But not all buyers are looking to live in the homes they buy, some are looking to rent.


Hot tubs are a favorite feature for landlords who rent homes in the upper end of the market. The reason is quite simple too: the more features a home has, the more rental income the home can bring in. A hot tub could also be the deciding factor in which home a tenant eventually rents.


Hot tubs are also aspirational items to have, so while not everyone will be able to afford one, they can certainly enjoy one when they rent a vacation home. Short-term rentals are increasing in popularity and again, help a property stand out amongst the competition.

The perfect climate

Very few people will disagree that one of the best places to enjoy a hot tub is in an area that gets snow. Enjoying a hot soak in a spa with snow falling around you is an exceptional experience indeed. This makes hot tubs as very appealing home additions for slope-side vacation rentals, and if your home is in a place that experiences long, cold winters, many buyers might be willing to pay more for your home if it has a hot tub.


And while areas in the south might not get snow, it can get chilly. Here in East Texas, we can see drops in temperature into the low 40s and 50s for many months of the year, making for great hot tubbing weather. Of course, with our Hot Spring models, you can also add a CoolZone Hot Tub Cooling System to turn your hot tub into a delightfully refreshing cool tub too. Simply put, home buyers anywhere may find a hot tub valuable.

Hot tubbers know

People who have experienced the many benefits of a hot tub understand the value it brings not just to a home, but to their everyday life. They form a segment of home buyers who are eager to take advantage of those rewards every day in their own backyards. A listing that features a picture of an attractive home with an equally beautiful home spa is sure to glean looks from interested buyers.