Find the Best Hot Tub Jets for Your Body

Sitting in a Hot Spring hot tub can feel like getting a professional massage.  Maybe even better than a massage.

Hot Spring employs the best in engineers and designers to design the jets in their hot tubs. The skilled professionals at Designworks, a BMW Group company, created a wide variety of innovative, energy-efficient jet options for the Highlife and Highlife NXT collections. The ComfortControl® system allows you to customize the intensity of your massage, while the SmartJet® system enables you to only use the jets you need, instead of wasting energy powering all the jets in the tub at once. Now everybody can find relief where it’s needed most.

Neck and Upper Shoulders

Quartet® Jet System

Most of us experience tightness in our neck and upper shoulders, largely due to sitting at desks and poor posture. If you fall into this category, you may have noticed painful muscle knots in the area. The Quartet Jet System features four powerful jets just below the headrest in Highlife collection models. After a powerful massage, you’ll be amazed at how much tension has been released.

Shoulders and Upper Back

Soothingstream® Jet System

The tension in our necks can often creep into our upper backs. Apart from the aches and pains associated with working life, athletic pursuits can tighten the upper back area. Activities such as running, swimming, ball sports, weight lifting, and rock climbing require movements that tax the trapezius, rhomboids, and deltoids. The Soothingstream Jet System features twelve pulsating jets directly below the Quartet Jet System.

Shoulders and Spine

Rotary Hydromassage Jets

The Rotary Hydromassage Jets, with swirling streams of water, provide relief directly in the center of the spine and at the shoulders.