Great Hot Tub Gifts for Spa Owners (Christmas, Birthdays, etc!)


There are people who have hot tubs, and then there are people who live the hot tub lifestyle!  Those people are probably living that lifestyle in a Hot Spring hot tub.  If you know someone who loves hot bubbling soaks, their spa can inspire some great presents when birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays roll around.

Below, check out 6 awesome gift ideas for hot tub owners. From the convenient to the clever, these fun knick knacks will make dips in the spa more fun and relaxing than ever.  And remember, our showrooms carry a variety of essential hot tub accessories if you’re local to East Texas.  Stop on by and take a tour of our showrooms!

1. Spa Caddy

Many hot tubbers love to enjoy a drink or a snack while they’re in the spa, and this caddy provides the perfect place to keep food, beverages, and even a book or phone close by. Plus, it swivels for easy accessibility or can be moved out of the way.

2. Waterproof Card Deck

Whether “go fishing” with friends or soaking “solitaire,” a waterproof card deck can provide hours of fun while hangin’ in the hot tub.

3. Floating Book / iPad Holder

For readers who love to relax in the spa, the floating AquaReader keeps materials safely above water. Just remember: no splashing!

4. Underwater Lights

Waterproof lights are a fun way to add ambience to an evening dip in the tub. These battery-operated LED discs can change colors, strobe, flash, and more, so users can either set the mood or get the party started.

Keep in mind, many Hot Spring hot tub models have what can only be considered light shows underwater — enough lights and color to fill up a runway — so this may not be the ideal gift depending on the hot tub your gift recipient owns.

5. Waterproof Pillow

For use in the bathtub or spa, this supportive pillow grips to the side of the tub for relaxing comfort and neck support.

6. Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

This portable speaker is perfect for music lovers who can’t sit in the hot tub without some tunes! Bluetooth capabilities allow you to play your favorite songs with quality sound, minus the worry of frying your phone or speakers if they fall in the water.