High-Tech Hot Tubs: New Technology in Hot Tubs

Look around you and you’ll see a plethora of illustrations of our high-tech world. Technology is everywhere. It’s in our devices, our homes, our cars and our shoes. We have a certain expectation of the technology we interact with to be perfect and to never fail.

In some ways, technology is used as both a tool and a status symbol. Just look at the difference between a razor-thin smartphone and the flip phones of a decade ago. Which one conveys sophistication and success? Apart from the relatively small percentage of business folk who insist that BlackBerry phones are the “be all, end all” of communication technology, most of us are excited to move forward with the evolution of cellular phones, and experience some degree of satisfaction when purchasing a just-released technology.

When we look at hot tubs, we see two areas in which top-notch technology makes a huge difference – features and engineering. There’s a massive difference in the quality of a plug-and-play hot tub compared to the quality of a luxury hot tub.

Features prompt oohs and ahhs during a spa demo, pulling at the heartstrings of a prospective buyer. It’s hard to not be wooed by the lights, the sounds, the babbling of a cascading waterfall, or the number and size of hydrotherapy jets. Sometimes, features can be so impressive that the shopper forgets to ask about the engineering! While this aspect may not be as exciting, it certainly deserves its time in the spotlight. A well-designed engineering system will provide the best in durability, longevity and performance.

High-Tech Hot Tub Engineering

While high-end hot tub features are undeniably impressive, you wouldn’t buy a hot tub that was all hat and no cattle. You enjoyment of the the hot tub will be determined by a combination of features and engineering quality. Here are some of the important engineering elements commonly found in high-end hot tubs:

Multilayer Insulation. Luxury spas are equipped with a multilayer insulation system to keep your hot tub water hot even on the coldest of days. Not only is this great for your enjoyment, it’s great for your power bill. In addition, the sprayed foam insulation works as structural support, adding to your spa’s durability. Lastly, luxury spas are designed with base pans that prevent heat from transferring into the ground while protecting the inner workings of your hot tub.

Durable Materials. Modern hot tubs are built with high-end acrylics that provide one more layer of insulation. These plastics last for years, ensuring that your hot tub will last for years as well. The plastics used on the interior of the tub are resistant to scratches, while exterior plastics hold up to the sun, rain, snow and wind.

Powerful Motors. Hot tubs at the top tier of spectrum are built with strong and efficient motors used to power the jets and circulation system. If you’re in the market for a hot tub because you love a good massage, you’ll want to ensure that the model you settle on has a top-quality motor. Not only will your massages be more enjoyable, you’ll enjoy the added benefit of lower monthly energy costs.

Ergonomic Design. Years of research have gone into designing hot tub seating that’s ergonomic but also visually stunning. A high-end hot tub is certain to keep you comfortable and relaxed. That is the point, isn’t it?

Water Care Options. High-tech hot tubs are the best at keeping water clean, clear and free of contamination. These cutting-edge systems are easy to maintain, requiring fewer chemicals than a traditional system.

High-Tech Hot Tub Features

Modern hot tubs are built with all the qualities you want and need to make your hot tub the gem of your backyard environment.

Entertainment Options. The hot tubs of today are built with powerful speakers to deliver the best in sound quality. Whether you’re playing music, listening to a podcast, or streaming a game, you’ll stay connected while you relax.

Bluetooth® Connectivity. In the year 2018, you shouldn’t have to use wires to stream anything. Good thing you don’t have to! High-end hot tubs are built with Bluetooth Connectivity to make sure your electronics don’t get wet, and you don’t have to fiddle with components of years past. In addition, many of these devices are voice activated, making it easy to change the song or lower the volume with a voice command.

Versatile Temperature Control. Some owners in warm climates don’t get as much use out of their spas as owners in cold climates. That’s why Hot Spring added an exclusive features called the CoolZone™ System, which provides the option of lowering your spa temperature as low as 60 degrees. During a summer heat wave, you can enjoy a cool dip even if you don’t have a swimming pool!

Wireless Remote Controls. In the interest of comfort and ease, many high-end hot tub brands have added a touchscreen control panel that allows the user to adjust the temperature, start or stop a massage, or turn on the lights without ever leaving their seat.

Multicolored Lighting. Everything in a premium hot tub is high-tech – even the light bulbs. LED lights are loved for their low energy usage and impressive longevity, making them the obvious choice for hot tub lighting. Adjust the lights to your preference, changing colors and brightness with a dimmer.

Designed and built with the precision of a luxury automobile, a premium hot tub is a marvel of modern technology. When you take a little extra time to explore all the options the industry has to offer, you can be sure you’re getting the best in engineering, features and enjoyment.