Hot Tubs and Texas Winter: A Perfect Combination

One of the biggest misconceptions about hot tubs is that you can only use them during the warmer months of the year. However, if you properly maintain your hot tub, you can use your hot tub all year round. That means that, yes, on the rare occasion we get frost and snow in Texas, your … Read More

Can You Use a Hot Tub with Cold Water?

6 Ways to Create a “Cool” Hot Tub in the Summer Perhaps the biggest question by spa owners when summertime comes and the temperatures start to rise is, “Can you use a hot tub with cold water?” Hot tub owners have a beautiful spa in their backyard that they want to use year-round. But in … Read More

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Hot Tubs

We know buying a hot tub feels like a big decision. You probably have questions such as… How do I buy a hot tub? What type of hot tub should I purchase? What does it take to treat your spa? and so on. We’re here to help. We answer several questions below. But if you … Read More