Can you use a Hot Tub with Cold Water?

Every summer we host a Fourth of July family reunion at our house on Lake Palestine.  We usually have 50 people who spend the weekend eating ribs, playing volleyball & watching fireworks.

Can you use a Hot Tub with Cold Water?

6 Ways to Create a “Cool” Hot Tub in the Summer

Perhaps the biggest question by my spa owners when summertime comes and our temperatures start to rise is, “Can you use a hot tub with cold water?”.  I live in Texas where there is no lack of heat in this great state.  My hot tub owners have this big beautiful spa in their backyard that they want to use year-round.  After all, summer is the best time for outdoor entertaining, family time, and lots of outdoor activities.  Our aches and pains don’t stop because it’s summer.  So here are a few tips I’ve put together to share with my amazing customers!

Drop the Temp

You may be thinking this is obvious, but I’m surprised by a number of people who don’t know their hot tub goes below 100 degrees.  Hot Spring Spas and most other major brands will typically go as low as 80 degrees – which essentially turns the heater off.  Set your hot tub to the lowest temperature possible.

Throw Back the Cover

Much like a Yeti, the cover on a hot tub creates suction which serves to efficiently hold the heat in; breaking this suction creates space for the heat to escape – cooling your tub.  We recommend propping the cover open with an object that is three or four inches in diameter – this allows enough room for the heat to escape but also keeping your hot tub covered.  We have found the Enhanced Shock bottle to be a perfect size.


Run those Jets

Running the jets on a two-hour cycle without the cover also helps cool your tub by circulating the water.  Remember, circulation always helps cool.

Ice, Ice, Baby

Yes, you heard me correctly, throw in bags of ice. Contrary to what many people think, ice in no way harms your hot tub and is a fast way to cool down your tub before a party.  Just make sure you follow the steps above before adding ice – it won’t do you much good if the temperature is set at 103 degrees and the cover is on.

Increase the Frequency

As previously mentioned, circulation is your friend when cooling down water in a hot tub.  Clean filters help with circulation.  In the summer, we clean our filters at least twice a week to ensure we are getting the best circulation.

Enter into a Cool Zone

Cool Zone is a product that sits on the outside of the tub and cools the water to as low as 60 degrees even on the hottest days. Imagine such a cool and refreshing massage after a hot day of working the yard!

So, can you use a Hot Tub with Cold Water?

The answer is – a resounding YES

Happy summer everybody!

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