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Too Hot for Your Hot Tub Temperature?

As much as I love Texas, the intense heat and saturating humidity can become overwhelming for me at times. Perhaps you think so too.

That is when a pool would come in handy, but we can’t all afford, nor do we want to take care of, a pool in our backyard. It would be nice to have the option to take a refreshing dip in some cool water right outside my back door every once in awhile.

I love that my hot tub serves as a relaxing place to revive and reconnect with my family. However, in the Texas summer heat, the last thing you want to swim in is the regular hot tub temperature water. That is why I find the Cool Zone System to be so great! I can relax comfortably in my hot tub all summer long in this lovely Texas heat.

The CoolZone Hot Tub Cooling System is like an air conditioner for my spa. It lowers the hot tub temperature by extracting the ambient heat from the tub. When the night gets chilly, the CoolZone pumps the heat back into my hot tub. Adding the CoolZone system to my hot tub gives me the range to set the water temperature anywhere from 60˚F-104˚F. Now I can have cool water to play with my grandkids during the day or hop into after a long day of yard work, and warmer water to relax with my husband at night. All this with the same energy efficiency that is expected from a Hot Spring Spa.

So What Do I Think Makes This System so Great? Well, It Comes Down to This:

  • Great for warmer or hot climates
  • Designed exclusively for Hot Spring Spas
  • Great when the grandkids stop by
  • Perfect if you work out or play sports
  • New and innovative
  • Perfect for folks who love the idea of
  • Can reduce your monthly operating cost

Making your Hot Spring Spa more versatile than ever is really simple to do now! Isn’t that Cool?! Read more about the CoolZone Hot Tub Cooling System.

Want to learn about some of the health benefits of a hot tub? See what this study said about burning calories while soaking in your spa!

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