Are Hot Tubs a Good Investment?

Sometimes the unexpected happens – a year-end bonus, the quick sale of an asset – and you find yourself with some extra spending money. You have the option of spending it on a single experience like a vacation, or an asset that will provide experiences for years to come. If you want to give yourself a gift that keeps on giving, why not consider buying a hot tub?

When you buy a hot tub, you’re investing in a luxurious experience that relieves the stress of what you spend most of your time doing, and that’s working. After a long day or a 40, 50, or 60+ hour week, what you really need and want is to just relax. Spas allow you to unwind either alone or with friends, and also make excellent additions to vacation or rental properties.

Hot tub ownership comes with a ton of benefits. In your personal life, access to a spa can help restore work-life balance, reignite the romantic flame in your relationship, or get kids and teens excited about family time. Putting your home on the market? When choosing between properties, buyers and vacationers will likely choose the home with a hot tub. Ultimately, deciding whether spa ownership is right for your family depends on how much value you place in these factors.

Evaluating the Investment

The decision to purchase a hot tub will incur the following costs: the upfront cost of the spa, your personal time, maintenance costs, and ongoing energy costs associated with heating it. Choosing a spa that’s easy to maintain will go a long way in ensuring you and your family feel these costs are well worth the benefits and your enjoyment.

The hot tubs of today are a massive improvement on the tubs of the past. Well-made hot tubs are designed to minimize maintenance and effort spent cleaning. Energy-efficient tubs with integrated filtration, self-sustaining sanitation systems, and easy water quality tests are truly a breeze to keep up with and make owning a hot tub a joy. Conversely, older or cheaply-made hot tubs typically are poorly insulated and use far more electricity to heat and run the pumps, both of which will run up your energy bill. Hot Spring analyzed how much it really costs to maintain a hot tub so their customers will have no surprises along the way, so feel free to check out their analysis.

An Investment in Your Well-Being and Home Life

The modern hot tub fits seamlessly into your life. Running quietly in background, patiently waiting for you to have time to soak in its warm waters, your spa will be there to support your lifestyle, ease your sore muscles after exercise, or even warm them before a workout or stretch.

Hot tub ownership enhances the experience of entertaining at home without cell phones, televisions, or laptops to interfere. It creates a gathering place for everyone, from kids to grandparents, friends to neighbors,  to come together and enjoy one another’s company. Regardless of who you are or what line of work you’re in, a hot tub will always be ready to use as long as you keep it heated, only requiring minimal ongoing investment of your time, energy, and money.

An Investment in Your Home’s Value

There’s no doubt about it – the value of your home is dependent upon many different variables. One thing’s for sure though. Hot tubs only have a positive effect on prospective buyers’ perception of your home compared to other homes without them.

The True Value of Your Hot Tub

A hot tub that’s regularly used, enjoyed, and loved is absolutely a great investment. Regardless of your reasons for purchasing – your well-being, family bonding, entertaining at home, or your home’s value – a premium-quality tub is sure to bring happiness for years and years to come. Here at East Texas Spa, we truly believe that happiness can never be regretted.