How Long Should a Hot Tub Last?

As with any significant purchase, most of us wonder how long our new investment will last.  Whether you’re buying a nice pair of denim jeans or a HotSpring hot tub, longevity should be a consideration.

It’s all going to depend on the quality of your tub — the materials, small parts, how it was made, by whom, and where. In general, hot tubs last 5-20 years. Luckily for you, HotSpring Spas lead the industry in quality and performance. With proper care, our tubs can last up to 20 years.

How Can I Extend the Life of My Hot Tub?

On our East Texas Spa Blog, we’ve covered a number of the ways you can take care of your hot tub. Check out these great links:


Be sure to wipe down the plastic parts of your hot tub on a regular basis. Plastic is subject to wear over time as a result of coming in contact with spa chemicals. Regular cleaning sessions can help combat these effects.

Upkeep and Preventative Maintenance

In this blog post, we cover the daily, weekly, monthly (and longer) maintenance you should learn about before buying a hot tub. If you’ve already purchased one, there’s no better time than now. From cleaning out debris to checking the water temperature and pH, we’ll help you keep your spa spic-and-span!

6 Ways to Fix Cloudy Hot Tub Water

Cloudy water is an indicator that something’s not right. There may be too many chemicals, not enough, a pH imbalance, or something else going on. By remedying the problem, you’ll be reducing the impact (as mentioned above) on your tub.