How to Move a Hot Tub: 5 Steps for a Safe Move


Most people agree that moving is exciting… but it can be a real pain! And if you have big, heavy objects, it can be even more difficult to make arrangements.

If you’re moving and you have a Hotspring hot tub that you don’t want to leave behind, it’s going to take a little more effort to relocate it than just shoving it on a moving truck. Below, you’ll find a few steps to make sure that your spa arrives at your new home safely and is set up for more years of enjoyment.

1. Pick a moving company with experience moving hot tubs.

First and foremost, you should leave moving the tub to the professionals. Opt for movers who’ve relocated heavy items like pianos and pool tables, or better yet, those who have transported hot tubs! If they choose to load the hot tub on its side, make sure they face the controls and equipment upwards so they don’t get crushed. It never hurts to ask your local hot tub dealer if they can refer you to an experienced moving company.

2. Completely drain your tub.

Making sure your tub is dry takes a little more effort than a general drain. After the body of the tub is empty, use a wet vac to suck up any extra moisture from the shell and the plumbing.
Your tub may also have a secondary drain that releases water from the internal equipment — don’t forget to use it!

3. Care for the cover and filters (or invest in new ones).

A move is a great time to replace any worn-out equipment including the cover and filters. Take this opportunity to condition the cover and clean the filters before packing them up, or if they’ve seen better days, throw them out and get new ones once you’re at the new location.

If you need a new hot tub cover, filter, or any other accessory, East Texas Spa has a variety for you to choose from.  Stop by one of our locations in Tyler or Longview.

4. Make sure there’s a proper sub-panel at the new place.

220V tubs need specific sub-panels, so if you’re leaving yours at the old location, make sure to set up the new one. To make sure you have the correct panel, don’t let an electrician install a general one; consult with a hot tub pro to get one that’s specifically designed for your spa.

5. Find your local Hot Spring or Freeflow dealer

There are lots of reasons you want to find and contact your next nearest Hot Spring or Freeflow dealer, including the point above. Whether you need equipment or upgrades, it’s best to get advice straight from the experts. What’s more, you should check on your hot tub’s warranty before you move to see if you’re covered in case anything goes wrong along the way or after it’s installed at your new home.

If you’re in East Texas, especially around the Tyler and Longview areas, get in touch with us at East Texas Spa.  We’re the official Hot Spring dealer for East Texas and have been for decades.  We’ll treat you right!