New Hot Tubs in 2018 from HotSpring

HotSpring Hot Tubs 2018

“How much can hot tubs have changed in a year?” you ask. Well, we answer: A whole lot! With every passing year, spas and hot tubs become higher-quality. There’s no reason why aesthetic and functionality can’t mix.

A spa is about luxury, after all.

The Hot Spring Limelight® Collection of 2018 features three brand-new tubs and two updated models. All of the models feature a host of updates in design and functionality. Keep reading to learn about the specific models as well as the upgrades and evolution you can expect from any 2018 Limelight® hot tub.

HotSpring’s Prism™

7’7” x 9’2” x 38” — 73 Jets

The Prism model is excellent for large groups and for people seeking a full-body experience. This tub features seven contoured seats, including a reclining Adirondack-style seat that allows for hydrotherapy across the hips and feet. It feels like a lounge — and that’s because it is.

Just like any Limelight ® tub, the Prism features energy-efficient LED lighting with frosted lenses, both inside and outside the tub. The exterior lights are now vertical bars on two corners of the tub. There are six color options to choose from — or if you can’t choose, you can set them to cycle through the rainbow.

You’ll also find a multi-colored diagnostic logo light. This logo looks like a stylish accessory to those who don’t know better, but in reality the color alerts you to optional and necessary maintenance.

HotSpring’s Pulse®

7’5” x 9’2” x 38 — 49 Jets

The Pulse is a stalwart of the Limelight Collection, and even though it isn’t quite as large as the Prism, it still features seven seats, so you can host a large group. The Prism allows for lots of legroom, which is ideal since the foot pod features Precision mini-jets for foot massages.

Just like any Limelight ® tub, the Pulse footwell features not only Precision mini-jets but also an updated tread. This footwell tread provides traction when getting in and out of the pool, and it feels good on the toes and soles of the feet.

HotSpring’s Flair®

7’ x 7’ x 36” — 43 Jets

The cornerstone of the collection, the 6-seat Flair includes a lounge seat and plenty of room for all. No one will feel crowded.

Just like any Limelight ® tub, the Flair looks incredible. Limelight spas are aesthetic marvels. They each feature Everwood® cabinetry on the exterior. This durable, synthetic material comes in three classic colors: Espresso, Coastal Gray, and Sable. And it doesn’t stop there. The very shell of each spa tub is a masterpiece. In addition to the sculpting of each tub, you can choose from five carefully-curated color options: Alpine White, Ice Gray, Platinum, Tuscan Sun, or Desert.

HotSpring’s Flash™

7’ x 7’ x 36” — 41 Jets

The Flash has the same dimensions as the Flair but one more seat. The mini-jets in the footwell makes for a nice massage while the group plays footsie!

Just like any Limelight ® tub, you can manage the Flash tub with wired and waterproof LCD touchscreen control panel. You can invert the panel to use it both inside and outside the tub. With the control panel, you can change settings for lights, jets, music, temperature, and more. It’s Bluetooth-equipped, so you can listen to music or podcasts. For the complete experience, you can opt to have your tub delivered with factory-installed speakers.

HotSpring’s Beam™

6’8” x 6’8” x 33” — 19 Jets

The Beam is the most intimate of the spa choices, both in dimensions and it seat number — it only seats four. It’s perfect for you and a partner or just a couple of friends. But what makes the Beam especially unique is that each corner offers a different hydrotherapy option, and it hosts a powerful three-inch directional jet in the footwell, making it ideal for athletes.

Just like any Limelight ® tub, the Beam features the most effective water care system available. Each tub has a filter for the circulation pump and another for the jet pump(s). The Freshwater® III Ozone system is factory-installed to destroy contaminants and keep your tub hygienic and clean. This is part of what makes Limelight® spas so durable and easily serviceable, as well as energy-efficient. Additionally, your vinyl cover is specially designed to keep out rain and prevent heat loss, thanks to its new hinge seal. These little savings add up in the long run, saving you on your energy bill and lowering your impact on the planet.

Whoever you are, and whatever you want out of your spa experience, you can find it here. Remember to look out for our Highlife® and Hot Spot® collections as well. Hot Spring Hot Tubs will keep your life luxurious from 2018 and beyond.