Our 3 Best Seller Hot Tubs and Why

The hot tub buying process is difficult, trust us we get it! Throughout the process, our customers are constantly asking us which hot tubs are the most popular out of them all and why they are so popular. There are many different reasons our customers love these certain hot tubs so much, so let’s explore all the great things our top three best sellers have to offer!


Highlife Envoy

The Highlife Collection is our top-tier luxury spa line offering unmatched visual appeal and innovative technology. We like to call the Envoy tub the roomy lounger. The Envoy makes for our largest luxury lounge spa with room for up to five people! The deep seats and full-body massage features include a Moto-Massage DX jet and a captain’s chair with wrist jets.


There are plenty of great additions to pair with this spa, but what goes perfectly with the Envoy? The simple answer is salt! Nothing makes for a fantastic hot tub experience like having our exclusive Freshwater Salt System. Everyone wants the most natural feeling, easily maintained for water that doesn’t feel like it’s full of different chemicals. The Freshwater Salt System gives you all of that and so much more!


Limelight Flair


Are you looking for an amazing hot tub at the highest quality the industry has to offer? Then the Flair is just what you need! The Flair model gives you the option of a lounge or open seating. It is the perfect size for most families to comfortably enjoy as it seats six people. With its wide array of jets, the Limelight Flair spa is sure to melt away any stress you might have.


What are some features that you would like in a hot tub? A salt system? Colored Lights? Music? Maybe even a TV? Well the Flair spa has all of the options that our Highlife Collection has, but without the larger price tag attached to it. If less maintenance and more fun is what you seek in your hot tub then this is the perfect fit for you!


Hot Spot Relay


The Hot Spot Relay spa provides you with the ultimate style and comfort. This fully featured hot tub is the perfect value, giving you all the fun you want without all the extra bells and whistles you don’t need. Hot Spot spas feature attractive shell and cabinet designs that will integrate beautifully into your backyard. Colorful lighting and soothing waterfalls (on select Hot Spot models) add to all the fun as well. With seating for up to six people, cushioned headrests and 35 unique targeted jets, there’s plenty of room for everyone to sit back and relax in the Relay!


This hot tub is easy to use and easy to maintain. It’s no wonder why so many of our customers choose this tub for their family!