Helo Cupreme Sauna

CUPREME is a spaciously-stylish option that brings the positive benefits of sauna to a whole new level. Designed to provide individual pockets of temperature preference, CUPREME’s aspen interior is perfect for enjoying the gentlest sauna climate possible with no bracing temperature changes. Clean and classic on the outside yet deceptively roomy inside, CUPREME makes sharing a soft, soothing sauna with family and friends impossible to resist.


Perfect climate

CUPREME’s combination of heating from a high quantity of heating stones and all natural configuration create optimal conditions for relaxation. Heat is reflected from wood and stones only. This makes the temperature build-up gradual, so you can relax even when strong infusion is applied.

With CUPREME, you choose the sizing and proportions of your personal sauna in 11cm increments. We custom-produce your sauna according to your exact specifi cations. We can also help you measure your space onsite and make appropriate recommendations.

Easy to assemble

Massive log sauna creates a sense of traditional quality and is easy to assemble.


Experience our  ROCHER with 100 kg of sauna stones are held in a brushed steel brazier.