25 Reasons to Buy and Own a Hot Spring Hot Tub

You may be thinking that hot tub ownership sounds great and that’s reason enough to buy one. In case you need a little more convincing, we’ve picked our top 25 reasons that owning a hot tub is amazing for your health and enjoyment of life.


1. Romance

What could be more romantic than an evening spent relaxing in warm water with a couple of glasses of wine? Enough said.

2. Entertain friends

Whether or not you’ve got that special someone in your life right now, know that hot tub time is as equally suited for couples as it is for friends. Once your pals find out you have a hot tub, they’re going to be making up reasons to invite themselves and their beverages over to your house.

3. Family time

Everyone loves hot tubs, from kids to grandparents. If you like to entertain, inviting your family over for Sunday barbeques just got more fun.

4. Time with your teenagers

We all know that as kids grow into teenagers, relationships can get a little tricky, and that’s mainly because parents just aren’t cool anymore! The good news is, hot tub ownership facilitates reconnecting with your growing young adults in a way that’s fun for both you and them.

5. Make connections

Because you’re bound to feel super relaxed while you’re hot tubbing, you’re likely to have engaging, open and meaningful conversations with your guests.

6. Spend time outdoors

Fresh air is good for the body and mind. Spending time outdoors in your hot tub allows you to relax while absorbing all the lush, green beauty around you.

7. Unplug from electronics

The amount of screen time in our lives is truly unbelievable. Hot tubs are phone-free, television-free zones and that is a beautiful thing.

8. Enrich your life

Life can be so busy sometimes that you find yourself looking past today and into the weeks, months and years in the future. Slowing down and taking time for yourself is essential for being able to squeeze every drop out of life. With that said, you’ll be amazed at what a 10-30 minute soak can do for your mood and overall wellbeing.

9. Pamper yourself

You deserve it. Some like to get massages or get their nails done. How does daily hydrotherapy sound?

10. Easy maintenance

Modern hot tubs are easy to maintain. Unlike pool ownership, you don’t have to take time to fish leaves and debris out of hot tubs because they have covers. Treatments typically only take a couple of minutes.

11. Entertainment systems

Music lovers will be shocked to find out that luxury hot tubs often have great sound systems installed in them. With wireless streaming, you can play music from your phone and adjust the volume or change the song from a control panel in the hot tub.


12. Energy efficient options

Hot tub ownership doesn’t have to mean taking on crazy power bill increases. With so many energy efficient choices, you can have both an environmentally and budget-friendly spa without sacrificing features. For example, all Hot Spring hot tubs are California Energy Commission certified and, in fact, surpass the requirements.

13. Amazing massages

The days of hoping your spouse will offer to rub your back are over. Your hot tub always wants to rub your back because that’s its job! Hot Spring offers a unique feature called Rotary Precision® jets that were engineered to mimic the movement of a masseuse’s fingertips. Now that’s fancy.

14. Customizable lighting

If you love a great atmosphere, whether in your own home or your favorite restaurant, you’re going to love creating your own atmosphere in your hot tub with LEDs in an array of colors and settings.


15. Arthritis relief

Warm water helps joints expand, allowing fresh blood flow to enter and relieve painful areas. The buoyancy of water also provides a relief from that pesky force we live with 24/7/365 – gravity.

16. Back pain relief

For the same reasons hot tubs are good for arthritis, they’re also good for back pain. The warm water and buoyancy allow joints to expand and experience relief.

17. Faster athletic recovery

Athletes push their muscles to exhaustion and sometimes further. Whether you’re a casual runner or training for a triathlon, time in a hot tub will increase blood flow, allowing your muscles to heal faster.

18. Better mobility and flexibility

While soaking in your hot tub you will notice increased mobility and flexibility, which is a great excuse to reach out and touch your toes, stretch your back, or do a full split. We’re just kidding about the full split, but we are serious about making the most of your plyable body. Muscles, tendons and ligaments stretch more easily when they’re warm, and stretching in warm water can actually be a great tool for increasing your flexibility out of the tub.

19. Improved circulation

As mentioned before, blood flow increases when your body is warm. Increased circulation is beneficial for all parts of your body, from your extremities to your internal organs.

20. Skin benefits

When oxygenated blood reaches your skin, it helps new cells regenerate. With regular hot tub usage, you’ll be amazed at how much your skin glows.

21. Improved sleep

Increased circulation also helps you sleep better by triggering a hormonal response that causes a relaxation effect. In addition, sitting outside in the darkness away from lights and screens, signals your body that it’s time for bed.

22. Hypertension relief

Abnormally high blood pressure is known as hypertension. Soaking in a hot tub lowers your blood pressure, allowing blood vessels to dilate, which can provide some relief from hypertension.


23. Cooling features

Unless you live in Antarctica, there are going to be times of the year when it’s simply too warm to want to get in your hot tub. If you have a Hot Spring hot tub, take advantage of their Coolzone™ feature, which allows you to drop the spa’s temperature in a matter of hours. Enjoy temperatures as low as 60 degrees.

24. Prepare to enjoy

Hot Spring’s remote spa monitoring system is known as Connextion®. With the app installed on your phone or tablet, you can set the temperature for a later soak, set ACE® salt water system reminders, run a clean-up cycle and more.

25. Wireless remote

Hot tubs clearly aren’t getting left behind in the ongoing technological revolution. Many Hot Spring hot tubs come with wireless remotes that allow you to adjust the sound, temperature and lighting from up to 50 ft away. To make creating your perfect atmosphere convenient, just keep the remote in the room you access your hot tub from.