Small Hot Tubs: Ideal Buyers of a 2-Person Hot Tub

Hot tubs are the perfect venue to relax and unwind. They can help you relieve body aches and connect with friends and family. Hot Spring® offers models that can seat large groups, up to eight adults. Their smallest model, the 2-person hot tub, is an owner favorite every year. Let us tell you about it!

Empty nesters love the 2-person hot tub. The 2-person hot tub is perfect for empty nesters. After the kids have grown and gone off to start their own lives, many couples feel the need to reconnect and rediscover their old interests. Some choose to downsize into smaller living spaces. Buying a 2-person hot tub can make an old space feel new, or a new space feel like home.

Couples love the 2-person hot tub. It’s the perfect size to create an intimate atmosphere. Use a hot tub as an excuse to relax – not that you should need an excuse. With your busy working lives, hobbies, going to the gym, and running errands, you may find you have little time for date night. A weeknight date in the hot tub requires zero time for getting ready or commuting to a restaurant. Just pull on your swimsuit and you’re ready to enjoy each other’s company.

2-person hot tubs are perfect for small spaces. Small tubs are the perfect size for couples who live in 2-person sized spaces, like apartments or small homes. If you have a small deck or backyard, you may have little to no space for a pool or full-sized hot tub. Check out the Jetsetter and see if its dimensions would fit into your life.

You’ll be amazed at how energy-efficient small hot tubs are. Every model in Hot Spring®’s line of hot tubs is built with unique energy-efficient features. Enjoy a luxury experience without shelling out an arm and a leg each. The Jetsetter® NXT, their most advanced 2-person tub, is insulated with the same high-density foam used in commercial freezers. It’s also a testament to the brand’s commitment to creating an environmentally friendly product, showcasing other award-winning energy efficient features.

Athletes loves the 2-person hot tub. Dedicated athletes will go to great lengths to take care of their bodies before, during and after exercise. When muscles are pushed to the extreme, they release lactic acid, which can build up if it doesn’t have a way to dissipate. Time spent in warm water helps break up that acid and allow it to dissipate, which can reduce the amount of rest time needed between workouts.

The 2-person hot tub is perfect for “me” time. We all need to make time for “me” time. While some avoid it because they don’t like to be alone, meditation and personal reflection is healthy. Once you make it a habit, you’ll find you really look forward to self time. The 2-person hot tub is the perfect space for unwinding and relaxing on a personal level.

Browse the line of Hot Spring® hot tubs and their incredible features. The Jetsetter® NXT, the Jetsetter®, the Hot Spot® SX or our space-saving hot tub model, the Hot Spot® TX are all fantastic options for your lifestyle.