Buying Guide: Swim Spas and Endless Pools in East Texas

Endless Pool Guide

Swim spas or endless pools are an incredible way to get the exercise you need without the cost, space or time it requires to run a pool. It’s true that there are many different brands and features of swim spa on the market.  However, the way in which a swim spa functions is generally the same across the board. The ultimate purpose of a swim spa is that it will generate a current that allows you to swim in your own backyard (or a specifically-designated room inside) at any time of year.

We hope you’ll trust East Texas Spa to help guide you through the purchase of your swim spa!  With locations in Tyler and Longview, Texas, we’ve been selling, servicing, and installing hot tubs, swim spas, and more for decades.  

You now have a few decisions to make — all of which we’re more than happy to assist with — where will the swim spa go?  How big do you need it to be?  What’s your budget?  Any particular features?

Purchasing a swim spa is an investment and we’re happy to help you make an informed purchase over the phone, in our store, at your home, or over the web starting with this guide.  We hope you’ll enjoy it:

Where Does a Swim Spa Go?

This first steps is the most important, and it’s the one that tends to get forgotten in the excitement of purchasing a swim spa. Before you go out and buy the first swim spa you fancy — how much space do you have?  Or worded another way, where will my swim spa go? If you have an idea of the room you have, when you start to look at swim spas, you’ll also know the right dimensions and any limitations.

Many people also forget about things like space for the swim spa’s accessories, the space around the swim spa, the slope of the ground and what’s underneath the ground area (like a septic tank for example). You really need to take all of these elements into consideration when figuring out the perfect spot for your swim spa. If you don’t, you could end up with a lot of problems before you even get to use your swim spa! Deciding on where you will put your swim spa will also help you to prepare the area for its delivery. If you need to remove some bushes, or trim back some trees you’ll know– before the delivery truck arrives.

Again, if you need help with determining if you have room for a swim spa — and where it should go — don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Swim Spa Codes, Laws, and Requirements

Similar to hot tubs, the area in which you live might have a few regulations or laws regarding the installation of a swim spa in your backyard. In most cases, these regulations won’t require you to make significant changes, however they are important to follow.

One of the most important swim spa regulations across the board has to do with electricity or power requirements. No matter where you live, it’s both incredibly important to have a professional electrician onboard in the process.  You might need to install a closer outlet or you might need to upgrade what you already have.

Find the Best Endless Pool Dealer in Tyler, Longview, or Surrounding Areas

When deciding where to buy your swim spa, it’s almost more important to find a dealer that you like and trust.  We’re sure that will be East Texas Spa.  Sure, some dealers can carry the same brands of swim spas with the same features, but you want to go with the dealer that has been around for a while and isn’t going to be out of business in 3-years when you call with a question.  You want someone you can trust, again, East Texas Spa.

Find the Right Swim Spa

Once you find a dealer that you want to work with, you can start looking at swim spas. Although, at this point, you might already know the spa you want. In order to do this however, you need to have done some research.

Online Research

Looking up different swim spas online is a great idea. You can look over the features and compare different models very easily. However, purchasing a swim spa online isn’t something we recommend.  Why? Well, when you buy things online it’s sometimes very difficult to tell if you’ll actually get the same model.  In addition, some dealers sell swim spas online to hide poor quality material and features.  You always want to look at the swim spa model in person from a reputable dealer, which is why we have two convenient locations in East Texas.

Avoid Craigslist, Carnival, Fair and Parking Lot Sales

We’ve all gone onto Craigslist and found a sweet deal on an item here or there. Unfortunately, swim spas don’t generally lend themselves to second hand sales very well. Typically, if you buy a swim spa from someone else, you’re only inheriting their problem. If you buy a new swim spa, or a second hand swim spa from a reputable dealer, you’ll know that you will get a much better experience, no questions asked.

Carnivals, fairs, and parking lot swim spa sales are very common. Don’t let the appeal of a “good deal” sway you! Buying a swim spa from any of these types of dealers is practically a guaranteed way to throw you money away, or at the very least, give you more headaches. These dealers only care about making a quick sale. Often the contract terms don’t include installation, nor do they let you try out the swim spa. Once you purchase the swim spa, these dealers pack up and move on. This means that you don’t have anyone to contact should something go wrong with your swim spa delivery, or with the swim spa itself.

Find a Dealer with a Permanent Location

The best way to find the swim spa right for you is to go to a dealership with a permanent floor or display.  A permanent location (or two, like us!) means that you can get references from the dealership because they will have sold swim spas to people in your area.  It also means that if you have any questions or require maintenance or help, you know who you can call and where to find them.

In general, businesses with a permanent office or location are more legit and stable compared to salesmen in the parking lot of your local grocery store.

Test Out the Swim Spa

Testing out swim spas will also help you to decide on the right model.  Using its different features and swimming in the current is the best proof as to whether or not you actually like the swim spa you’re considering. You can look at a swim spa all you like, but until you dive in and experience it for yourself, you should really be careful about signing any contract.

In fact, we recommend that you never purchase a swim spa until you test it out for yourself. This is a critical step in terms of how you will enjoy your swim spa after it’s set up in your backyard. If the dealer you’re working with will not allow you to try out the swim spa, you can consider this a red flag. Do not purchase any swim spa that you have not tried out yourself.

At East Texas Spa, we have models setup in our showrooms for you to take a “test drive.”  Bring your bathing suit and hop in, we’re more than happy to work with you and let you try out a swim spa so you can make sure it’s the right pick for you!

Swim Spa Delivery and Installation

So, you’ve followed all our tips and now know which swim spa you want to purchase. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure that you read through any agreement or sales paperwork carefully.  You’ll want to know what’s included and not included with your swim spa.

Important items to look out for include:

Delivery & Installation – Will the dealer deliver the endless pool to your driveway or will they help you with moving it to your backyard and install it on the spot? In this case, you’ll want to look for a deal that includes delivery and installation. You could end up hurting yourself if you try to move your swim spa on your own. Why take the risk?

Warranty – Most swim spas will come with a warranty. If your swim spa does not, you might want to reconsider your purchase. A warranty is important because if anything should happen to your swim spa within the first year or so, you don’t want to shell out extra cash to get it repaired. Why take the chance?

Maintenance – Is there any maintenance included with the swim spa? If so, for how long? Who can you contact that is familiar with the particular swim spa you purchased? All of these questions are very important. While your swim spa will work for years, frequent use will eventually require a few repairs. Make sure you understand this information as it could save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

East Texas Spa plainly and clearly discusses all of the above with you prior to purchase.  We’ll make sure you’re not only happy with the swim spa you purchase, but the entire process, as well.


Call us!  There’s absolutely no obligation by calling — call and ask us what’s on your mind at 903-561-7565.  Alternatively, stop by one of our swim spa showrooms today!