20 of the Best (Most Popular) Hot Tub Accessories

Best Hot Tub Accessories

Hot tubs are awesome on their own, but even better with some fun accessories. Whether you’re entertaining friends and family or sharing a romantic evening with a bottle of wine, we’ve found the best gadgets, toys, and goods to ensure your experience is comfortable, fun, and relaxing.  Many of these products we carry in our two showrooms, while a few can be found online from third party sellers.

1. Hot Tub Covers

In our last blog post, we talked about covers being the most important hot tub accessory. Covers are essential for maintaining the health of your tub and keeping your electric bill down.

2. Cover Lifters

Hot tub covers can be incredibly heavy. Make it easy on yourself with a cover lifter, a device that automatically lifts your cover with the push of a button whenever you’re ready to soak. It will also replace the cover when you’re finished. Contact us at East Texas Spa for pricing.

3. Steps

We offer a variety of steps to ease getting in and out of your tub. Whether you’d like your steps to look like wood, plastic, or stacked stone, we have beautiful options available to match your tub and deck.

4. Cup Holders

You’ll definitely need a place to set your drink. These cup holders attach securely to the wall of your hot tub, and provide a flat area for your phone, a pair of sunglasses, or plate of baby carrots. Who doesn’t love baby carrots?

5. Storage Seat

Storage seats are perfect for storing your hot tub accessories and are a convenient place to sit while you remove your shoes. You can rest your fresh towels and robes on it for after your soak.

6. Underwater Lights

Let’s be honest. It’s not just kids who love things that glow, sparkle, glimmer, and shine. Adults love them too.  There are submersible, remote controlled LED lights that can be attached to the floor or walls of your hot tub.  Choose any color of the rainbow to flash, strobe, fade, or simply light up the water.

7. Refreshment Float

Mama always said, “Don’t eat in the pool!” but as it turns out, mama doesn’t make the rules for the hot tub. This clever floating refreshment bar will keep your gluten-free rice crackers, stinky cheese, bottle of Prosecco, and sliced fruit safe from the water below.

8. Floating Unicorn Drink Holders

Teens and hip, young folks will love these floating unicorn drink holders. They’re super cute and maybe magical.

9. Spa and Bath Aromatherapy

No one likes the smell of chlorine.  There are little aromatherapy packs that come in an assortment of scents and promise to mask the smell of chemicals while leaving your skin soft and smooth. Rest assured they will not foam, bubble, or affect pH, and are safe for jets, pumps, filters, and acrylics.

10. Vacuum Sealed Hot and Cold Tumblers

From morning coffee to evening cocktails, vacuum sealed hot and cold tumblers are a must-have for anyone who likes to sip while they dip.

11. Floating Speaker

Crank up the tunes with floating, waterproof speakers.  There are speakers that are waterproof, float, and come Bluetooth-enabled so you can stream your favorite music.  Not only are they great for the hot tub and pool, it’ll work just as well in the shower.

12. Spa Umbrella

While some like to soak up every UV ray the sun has to offer, others prefer to relax in the shade.  Spa umbrellas come adjustable, allowing you to move with the sun as it moves. It’s also useful for keeping out of the rain or snow during your soak. The best part is you don’t have to attach it to the deck; it’s the weight of the spa that holds it in place.

13. Oil-Absorbing Sponge

Oils can wreak havoc on a hot tub, causing scum lines, clogged filters, and cloudy water. But, have no fear. Body oils, skin care products like lotion, and food oils are no match for the Scumbug.

14. Towel Warmer

When you emerge from your perfectly clean spa feeling like a million bucks, you should treat yourself to a warm towel, fresh out of a luxury towel warmer. There exists devices that can accommodate two over-sized towels and warm them to 120 degrees!

15. Waterproof Playing Cards

Whether you’re into poker, rummy, or Texas hold’em, a pack of waterproof playing cards is sure to be an excellent investment.

16. Patio Cooler Table

Anyone who likes to entertain around the pool deck will surely be impressed by this patio cooler table. The bottom portion can hold 7.5 gallons of beverages on ice. Leave the lid down to keep it enclosed, or extend the neck to create a cocktail table.

17. Weighted Spa Headrest

Once you already have the hot tub, the pillow for your hot tub seems more like a required feature and less like an accessory.   Most pillows come weighted and mildew-resistant.

18. Floating Beer Pong

Relive your glory days with a master beer pong set. It comes with 2 rafts, three balls, and is compatible with freezer packs (sold separately) to keep your beverages cold. When you’ve mastered the game of pong, the floats will also double as beverage keepers.

19. Bamboo Caddy Tray

Watch your favorite Netflix and Amazon Prime shows on your tablet with this bamboo caddy tray. It securely holds your device in place, and also provides a safe spot for a glass of wine.

20. Storage Cabinet

You’re not going to be wanting to go in and out of the house once you’re outside.  Store all of your hot tub and spa accessories an oversized storage container that is resistant against UV rays.

Looking for the best hot tub accessories in Tyler, Longview, or anywhere else in East Texas?  Give us a call today or stop by one of our showrooms!