Highest Rated Hot Tub from HotSpring: Jetsetter NXT

With so many amazing spa models under the Hot Springs name, choosing a favorite hot tub is nearly impossible – for us, at least.  HotSpring customers around the country believe the Jetsetter NXT is a five-star hot tub, as do we.

It has an official rating of 4.9 stars.

This model is incredibly popular for good reason. With 210-gallons and room for three adults, it’s also powerful, energy-efficient and great for conserving water. Its small size means it can be placed outside on your lawn, patio or screened porch, or even inside of your home. This spa is perfect for your space and your budget.

A Hot Tub Designed to Enhance Your Yard and Home

Forty years in the business of making hot tubs has taught us that taste is personal. We know how important it is that our customers are happy not only with the physical benefits of spa use, but with the aesthetics of their tub.

Our 360 degree photo tour of the Jetsetter NXT offers the ability to spin and view the spa from all angles, mix and match cabinet colors with shell colors, and get a true idea of what the tub will look and feel like.

Whether you prefer a bold white or a midnight black shell, you can design your dream hot tub with the click of a mouse.

Advanced NXT Hot Tub Features

Every single model made by Hot Spring showcases impressive technology and luxurious features. The Jetsetter NXT just so happens to come in a small package, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less powerful than a larger model. It’s loaded with 22 jets to target pains in your neck, back, shoulders and calves. The Moto-Massage® DX jets sweep back and forth over your back to massage muscles and increase blood flow.

Luminescence, Multicolor, Four Zone Hot Tub Lighting System

With the Jetsetter NXT, you can set your hot tub water to flow in almost any color you like, or cycle through all six. One owner in Ventura, California says, “The lighting and fountain are very relaxing to watch. Our kids love to change the lighting colors to match different seasons or holidays.”

On the opposite coast in New Jersey, another owner asserts that “The NXT design and lighting features have enhanced the value of our patio and home.”

“This hot tub is the perfect size for our screened porch. The cover is so easy to remove and replace that even my wife can do it. The spa uses very little electric. It is so easy to take care of the water you don’t need to be a chemist. The lighting at night is so inviting you want to jump right in. I would recommend the Jetsetter NXT to anyone.” – Jetsetter owner in New Jersey

Wireless Remote Control

The Jetsetter NXT features a full-color screen on the wireless hot tub remote control unit. Adjusting temperatures, jets, lighting and music is incredibly simple. Use the remote when you need it, and store it in the charging dock when you don’t.

“The wireless remote is a must if I want to sit back and relax while changing the lighting or pumps. The Moto-Massage® is unbelievable and really works the back muscles. We upgraded to NXT option and it looks fantastic in our backyard. We always recommend Hot Spring hot tubs to anyone who asks.”
– Jetsetter NXT owner, Ventura California”

Energy Efficiency

Using minimal power while providing a luxurious experience is what Hot Spring does best. The Jetsetter NXT won’t run up your utility bill because it was engineered to be energy efficient. With the SmartJet® system, you have the option to power select jets, instead of all jets at once. This simple feature is guaranteed to save you money.

Hot Spring’s high-quality insulation uses the same polyurethane foam as industrial freezers, and the SilentFlo 5000® circulation pump uses less energy than a 40-watt light bulb. What a bright idea!

There are a total of nine energy efficient features in the Jetsetter NXT. We’ve just told you about three of them. When the entire system is operating, the water while stays perfectly at the temperature you’ve set. Every model of spa made by Hot Spring is certified by the stringent regulations of the California Energy Commission. Here’s a great example of what our customers have to say about the NXT’s economical design:

“This has been one of the greatest purchases in many years. We did look at other manufacturers’ models and none could surpass the quality, features and warranty that the Hot Spring has. I was very concerned about hot tub energy usage. Our dealer told me that if my electric bill went up by more than $20/month he would send me the difference. To my surprise our average electric bill only went up by about $16/month – a testament to the insulation & quality of the Hot Spring Spa.”
– Hot Spring owner in Ocean View, New Jersey

Hot Tub Water Sanitation Systems

Back in the day, hot tubs heavily relied on chlorine and bromine to keep their water clean and clear. But now we all have the pleasure of enjoying fresh water in our tubs with little to no chemical use.

Several decades of clean water research has brought Jetsetter NXT users clean, soft, natural-smelling water that is a joy to soak in. Our two water care systems minimize chlorine levels.

“I was impressed with the FreshWater® sanitation system that does not overpower me with a chemical bath, and the no-bypass filtration system, which filters all the water coming through the jets with filters that last five years. These convinced me of my ability to maintain a clean hot tub water environment with minimal effort and expense.”
– Hot Spring owner, Washington

“The water care, with the FreshWater® system, has been quite easy to establish and maintain. Our tub gets used once, sometimes twice daily and has really proven to be a healthy addition to our lifestyle.”
– Hot Spring owner, Gig Harbor, Washington

The second option is the ACE® Salt Water System, which uses a patented diamond electrode to break apart water molecules to free up active oxygen, a powerful oxidizer. Active oxygen fights bacteria and other impurities, leaving behind only water and carbon dioxide as by-products.

“I use the spa on a daily basis. It came with the ACE Salt Water System. There is little or no maintenance with this spa. I love it. While everyone else is dreading the winter, I’m looking forward to snow and cold.”
– Jetsetter NXT owner, Chicago, IL

With all you now know about this amazing model, it’s time you speak to your local dealer to see if it’s right for you, or if another model would better fit your lifestyle.

If you have a story you’d like to share about your experience with Hot Spring hot tubs, we’d love to read it.