Most Frequently Asked Questions About Hot Tubs

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Hot Tubs

What are the most popular reasons people buy hot tubs? Much more than home-improvement or entertainment, a hot tub is an investment in your health and well-being. Our owners say that they have more energy, sleep better, and can do more with their day. The physical wellness benefits of hot tubs are delivered in three … Read More

5 Benefits of the Freshwater Salt System

5 Benefits of the Freshwater Salt System

The Freshwater Salt System is available on all Highlife and Limelight Collection spas, this easy to use salt water system eliminates the worry of keeping spa water clean, clear and sanitized for a full year! With just a little salt in your spa water, the system generates chlorine automatically so you’ll spend less time measuring … Read More

How Your Hot Tub Can Improve The Quality Of Your Sleep

How Your Hot Tub Can Improve The Quality Of Your Sleep

Just before we sleep, there is normally a drop in our body temperature. So if that is the case, how can soaking in your hot tub help you get a better night’s sleep?   For one, a nice calming soak helps you relax mentally, letting your mind wind down after the day. Secondly, the water’s … Read More

Five Ways a Hot Tub Soak Is Healthy For You

Five Ways a Hot Tub Soak Is Healthy For You

For centuries people have sought out the wellness benefits of immersing themselves in water. Going back centuries, the Romans had their Roman Baths. Today, our Hot Spring Spas. Our attraction to water continues to help us think and feel our best. Whether it’s to soothe aches and pains, or to calm a restless mind, the … Read More

What are the benefits of a saltwater hot tub?

What are the benefits of a saltwater hot tub?

Natural hot water springs have for centuries been used for their restorative powers. Drawing their heat from beneath the earth’s crust, they bring up natural elements into the water and are natural self-cleaning and soothing.   The modern day equivalent of a natural mineral spring is a saltwater hot tub, one you can have one … Read More

Does a hot tub add value to your home?

Does a hot tub add value to your home?

One of the more frequently asked questions about hot tub ownership is “Does owning a hot tub add value to my home?” The simple answer to that questions is “It depends.” The two factors that affect that answer are the prospective buyer, and the climate of the seller’s location.   For many, a hot tub … Read More

Fall is a Great Season for your Next Hot Tub

Fall is a Great Season for your Next Hot Tub

A few months ago we published an article on when is the best time to purchase a hot tub. We mentioned that the summer/fall season was usually when new models come out and many deals ramp up. Since then, we’ve had several events including the latest ones which were the Rock N’ Row event and … Read More

Great Hot Tub Gifts for Spa Owners (Christmas, Birthdays, etc!)

Great Hot Tub Gifts for Spa Owners (Christmas, Birthdays, etc!)

  There are people who have hot tubs, and then there are people who live the hot tub lifestyle!  Those people are probably living that lifestyle in a Hot Spring hot tub.  If you know someone who loves hot bubbling soaks, their spa can inspire some great presents when birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays roll … Read More

How to Move a Hot Tub:  5 Steps for a Safe Move

How to Move a Hot Tub: 5 Steps for a Safe Move

  Most people agree that moving is exciting… but it can be a real pain! And if you have big, heavy objects, it can be even more difficult to make arrangements. If you’re moving and you have a Hotspring hot tub that you don’t want to leave behind, it’s going to take a little more … Read More

Hot Tub Privacy:  6 Ways to Make Your Hot Tub Private

Hot Tub Privacy: 6 Ways to Make Your Hot Tub Private

  Hot tubs are a luxurious way to escape the stressors of every day life … that is, unless you have nosy neighbors! If peace is what you’re trying to achieve, it’s important to have privacy from passers-by and be able to take a breather from the rest of the world. Luckily, there are lots … Read More

Hot Tub Insulation:  How to Insulate Your Spa

Hot Tub Insulation: How to Insulate Your Spa

  Comparing Hot Tub Insulation Just like in a house, insulation is what keeps the water in your hot tub at the perfect temperature. If your spa’s insulation is inefficient (either not insulated at all or made using lesser materials), you could find yourself waiting longer for the water to heat up, spending more on … Read More

What’s the Best Location for a Hot Tub?

We all know how much location matters. Picture it: you’ve found the perfect house, but it’s right underneath powerlines or near the city dump. Similarly, where you place your hot tub matters. You wouldn’t put your refrigerator in the bathroom or your shower in the kitchen, so why would you just stick your hot tub … Read More

Top 5 Things to Know Before Buying a Hot Tub

You’ve decided to buy a Hot Spring hot tub.  Great! Now what? Many people find themselves with all sorts of questions once they’ve made this decision. What type of hot tub should I buy? Where am I going to put it? How much do I want to spend? Do I want to entertain people with … Read More

Staying in Shape Using a Spa

You already know that your hot tub provides you with ultimate relaxation and pampering, but its benefits go even further. A soak in your hot tub can provide relief for stiff joints and sore muscles. You can also use your spa both before and after a workout for muscular health and recovery. The time in … Read More

How Do I Keep My Hot Tub in Good Condition?

A good hot tub spa can cost thousands of dollars, but it’s a worthwhile investment. Spas provide relaxation, socializing options, and even a myriad of health benefits.  But the cost of a hot tub is hard to justify if it doesn’t stick around a while. When you research what hot tub to buy, it’s essential … Read More

Saltwater vs. Chlorine Hot Tubs

So, you’re about to buy a hot tub?  Congrats! One decision you’ll have to make is whether you want salt-water or chlorinated water in your hot tub.  The top two choices in spa water purification systems are either traditional chlorine purification or the salt water system. Chlorine is the older, more well-known option, but salt … Read More

Using a Hot Tub During the Summer (Hot) Months

Although summer doesn’t officially start until tomorrow (June 21), the temperatures outside in Texas tell another story. That beautiful hot tub that served as the height of relaxation during the rest of the year may not look as inviting when all you want is to escape the oppressive heat with a cool shower or a … Read More

New Hot Tubs in 2018 from HotSpring

“How much can hot tubs have changed in a year?” you ask. Well, we answer: A whole lot! With every passing year, spas and hot tubs become higher-quality. There’s no reason why aesthetic and functionality can’t mix. A spa is about luxury, after all. The Hot Spring Limelight® Collection of 2018 features three brand-new tubs … Read More

Where Do I Buy a Hot Tub?

If you’re looking for a great way to slow down, relax, and soothe sore muscles, adding a hot tub to your home could be the perfect option for you. Once you have decided to commit to purchasing a hot tub, the next question is, where do you buy your hot tub? How you choose to … Read More

Huge Drawbacks to Inflatable Hot Tubs (Read Before Buying)

So, you’ve shopped for “real” hot tubs a couple of other places and you’re thinking you can’t afford one right now.  Fair enough, they can be quite an investment (though keep in mind, we offer great financing options!). Fast forward a few days and a few glasses of wine one night later and you find … Read More

Highest Rated Hot Tub from HotSpring: Jetsetter NXT

With so many amazing spa models under the Hot Springs name, choosing a favorite hot tub is nearly impossible – for us, at least.  HotSpring customers around the country believe the Jetsetter NXT is a five-star hot tub, as do we. It has an official rating of 4.9 stars. This model is incredibly popular for … Read More

Should You Take a Vacation or Buy a Hot Tub?

Which will make you happier — short-term entertainment and pleasure by taking a vacation or investing in the long-term by purchasing a  hot tub?   The 2017 World Happiness Report offers some insight: Norway won the title of the world’s happiest country in 2017, nudging Denmark out of the top spot, where it had been for … Read More

Nacogdoches Hot Tubs

Home to Stephen F. Austin State University and the oldest town in Texas, Nacogdoches is a small town situated in East Texas that roughly 30,000 folks call home… here at East Texas Spa we love seeing folks visit from Nacogdoches! New and Used Hot Tubs in Nacogdoches If you’re looking to buy a new or … Read More

Connextion: Online Hot Tub Monitoring

Have a Hot Spring hot tub?  Like gadgets?   You’ll love Connextion.   Connextion is the only system capable of providing security and peace of mind while you’re away. Take comfort in knowing your spa is being watched over by a smart, online hot tub monitoring system. This new service provides monitoring for spa owners who frequently … Read More

What’s the Best Time of Year to Buy a Hot Tub?

There are a multitude of reasons to purchase a hot tub.  Depending on why you and your family want to buy a hot tub, you may not care to wait for the “best time” of year or for some promotion to come around.  Some of the most common reasons folks buy a hot tub include health … Read More

Common Hot Tub Upgrades, Enhancements, and Accessories

There are a lot of cool things that come standard in/with your Hot Spring hot tub — but there are a lot of cool accessories, upgrades, and general enhancements you can purchase, as well.  Some are for comfort, others for safety, but all of the following are ways to enhance your experience in your hot … Read More

Find the Best Hot Tub Jets for Your Body

Sitting in a Hot Spring hot tub can feel like getting a professional massage.  Maybe even better than a massage. Hot Spring employs the best in engineers and designers to design the jets in their hot tubs. The skilled professionals at Designworks, a BMW Group company, created a wide variety of innovative, energy-efficient jet options … Read More

Best Hot Tubs to Buy in 2018

Here at East Texas Spa, we offer a wide variety of hot tubs under the HotSpring and Freeflow brands. It’s our opinion that these two companies are the best spa manufacturers in the world. These are a few of our favorite models. Best Hot Tub for Entertaining The Freeflow Excursion hot tub seats 5 people … Read More

HotSpring Hot Tub Lighting Systems

At restaurants and bars, ambiance plays a huge role in your enjoyment. The same goes for hot tubs. Hot Spring knows the value of being able to perfectly align the atmosphere with your mood. That’s why most of their spas include a multi-color LED system. Choose from the four systems below: Luminescence® Featured in the … Read More

Tax Benefits of Hot Tubs as a Medical Expense

Can you write off a hot tub on your taxes as a legitimate medical expense?  Answer:  It’s complicated. In a country with a prescription drug problem, it’s good to know that we, as consumers, have natural treatment options. Time spent in a hot tub is both enjoyable and effective for treating pain. Sometimes, your doctor … Read More

Using Hot Tubs in the Summer Heat

In Texas, summertime comes early.  We’ve already flirted with the 90s this year and it’s not even May. You’re shopping for hot tubs, thinking that hot tub ownership could be a great investment. But here in East Texas, it gets pretty hot and humid in the summer months, right? Your main concern is that your … Read More

ACE Salt Water System FAQs

Just bought a Hot Spring hot tub with an ACE Salt Water System?  We’ve got all the answers to your most frequently asked questions about the ACE salt water system below. How much salt is in a saltwater hot tub with the ACE system? Will the water taste salty? There is very little salt required … Read More

How to Read Hot Tub Product Labels and Descriptions

Buying a hot tub is a complex decision. For starters, it shouldn’t be dependent on solely looks and feel. It’s highly important to consider the investment and why you’re buying to begin with, whether it’s family time, pain relief, or another factor. Compare and contrast hot tub models to find the one that suits your … Read More

Buying a Second Hot Tub (for Repeat Buyers)

Do you already own a spa that’s a bit outdated? Or do you own one that’s seen its better days and has fallen into disrepair? Maybe you enjoy your hot tub regularly but the time spent maintaining it is finally getting the better of you. Regardless of your specific situation, our replacement buyer’s guide will … Read More

How Do Hot Tub Filters Work?

(Note:  Picture is from a 2014 Highlife Grandee) Hot tub filters are perhaps the most important feature for ensuring your hot tub lives a long and healthy life. The hot tub water flows through the filter media, which catches unwanted contaminants. We’ve got all the information you need to know about hot tub filters and … Read More

Small Hot Tubs: Ideal Buyers of a 2-Person Hot Tub

Hot tubs are the perfect venue to relax and unwind. They can help you relieve body aches and connect with friends and family. Hot Spring® offers models that can seat large groups, up to eight adults. Their smallest model, the 2-person hot tub, is an owner favorite every year. Let us tell you about it! … Read More

25 Reasons to Buy and Own a Hot Spring Hot Tub

You may be thinking that hot tub ownership sounds great and that’s reason enough to buy one. In case you need a little more convincing, we’ve picked our top 25 reasons that owning a hot tub is amazing for your health and enjoyment of life. LIFESTYLE 1. Romance What could be more romantic than an … Read More

In-Ground Spas vs. Portable Hot Tubs

In this high speed life, multitasking is essential for moving about your day efficiently. Two-in-one products have been so seamlessly integrated into our world that at this point, we hardly notice them, let alone consider them innovative. Cell phones double as computers. Printers work side jobs as fax machines and scanners. Trains with wifi serve … Read More

High-Tech Hot Tubs: New Technology in Hot Tubs

Look around you and you’ll see a plethora of illustrations of our high-tech world. Technology is everywhere. It’s in our devices, our homes, our cars and our shoes. We have a certain expectation of the technology we interact with to be perfect and to never fail. In some ways, technology is used as both a … Read More

How to Repair Hot Tub Scratches and Cracks

Even a minor scratch or crack on your new hot tub is a bummer. Luckily, there is plenty that can be done to restore your hot tub to good-as-new! We’re going to walk you through the decision process and how to fix each damaged area. It’s important to realize that even small cracks or abrasions … Read More

Hot Tubs and Weight Loss

Studies show that it’s difficult to lose weight and keep it off. Each year, 50 million Americans begin a diet, but research shows that only one to five percent of them are able to keep lost weight off. Doctors recommend that the best way to effectively lose weight and attain general health is to  adopt … Read More

Guide for New Hot Tub Owners

The purchase of a Hot Spring® hot tub is an event to celebrate, so congratulations! You are now part of the Hot Spring® family and an owner of the world’s best-selling portable spa. Here at East Texas Spa, we want to ensure you get the most out of your new tub. These are our top … Read More

When Should I Replace My Hot Tub Cover?

When it comes to accessories, a spa cover is what we like to refer to as a non-negotiable. Though we’re sure you have excellent taste, your spa cover, regardless of how beautiful it may be, is more than just an attractive topper to a beautiful piece of equipment. It has the important job of maintaining … Read More

Hot Tub Prices: How Much Does it Cost to Own a Hot Tub?

    Hot tub pricing depends on many different factors. If you’re in the market for a great HotSpring hot tub this year, we’re here to answer any and all questions you may have about the process and purchase.  We’ll be covering hot tub design, prices, where you should be shopping, and other factors to … Read More

Are Hot Tubs a Good Investment?

Sometimes the unexpected happens – a year-end bonus, the quick sale of an asset – and you find yourself with some extra spending money. You have the option of spending it on a single experience like a vacation, or an asset that will provide experiences for years to come. If you want to give yourself … Read More

The History of Hot Tubs

Have you ever wondered who made the first hot tub? What did they use, and from where did they draw their inspiration? Humans and other mammals, being warm-blooded creatures, are naturally drawn to sources of heat; so much so that it’s hard to imagine a time before plumbing, hot showers, bubble baths, and hot tubs. … Read More

Routine Maintenance on a Hot Tub

Owning a hot tub is wonderful for so many different reasons. Regardless of size, shape and features however, it is important for all hot tub owners to take the time to keep their hot tub well maintained. Keeping your hot tub maintained is the best way to increase its lifespan. It’s like any other appliance … Read More

How Long Should a Hot Tub Last?

As with any significant purchase, most of us wonder how long our new investment will last.  Whether you’re buying a nice pair of denim jeans or a HotSpring hot tub, longevity should be a consideration. It’s all going to depend on the quality of your tub — the materials, small parts, how it was made, … Read More

6 Ways to Fix Cloudy Hot Tub Water

Hot tub full of cloudy water?  Cloudy water is the result of a number of factors that all have to do with how balanced the water in your tub is. Think back to high school chemistry, follow the steps in this article, and hopefully we can clear (pun intended) things up for you! If you … Read More

Upkeep and Preventive Maintenance for Hot Tubs

Ensuring the continued enjoyment of your hot tub investment means taking care of it. Just like changing your car’s oil and filter, scheduling routine spa maintenance should be quick, pain free and reduce or eliminate the need to deal with common hot tub problems, repairs, and service calls. We’ll provide some simple maintenance guidelines to … Read More

Tips, Considerations, and Advice on Buying a Hot Tub

Over our 30 years in selling hot tubs in East Texas, we’ve helped countless folks find the right hot tub (and accessories).  Naturally, there are some questions or concerns from folks about buying a hot tub that we’ve address more than others. If you’re in the market — or will be soon — for a … Read More

Everything You Should Know When Buying a Sauna

Saunas are a great way to relax and de-stress after a long day at the office, or even after a great workout. While most people can get their sauna session in at their local gym, many people are investing in saunas for their home so that they can get the most out of the experience. … Read More

Buying Guide for Grills & Grill Accessories in East Texas

Warmer weather will be here soon enough and it’ll be time to fire up those grills.  Who doesn’t love cooking up their favorite meats and veggies a few steps out the back door? If you’re considering buying a grill, you’re in luck! There are plenty of fantastic grills to choose from at East Texas Spa, … Read More

Benefits of Paying for a Hot Tub with Monthly Payments

While our Hot Spring hot tubs are affordable, it’s understandable why you might be interested in finding out how to buy a hot tub by making monthly payments.  Regardless of your financial situation, it might just make sense for you to make a small payment each month as opposed to spending a few thousand to … Read More

Common Hot Tub Problems, Repairs, and Service Calls

HotSpring hot tubs are one of the most reliable, high quality hot tubs on the market. That said, there will eventually come a time when your hot tub will need a little extra love and care.  Like a pool, or luxury vehicle, even if the craftsmanship, quality, and upfront investment is there, with regular usage … Read More

Hot Tub Financing

While our HotSpring hot tubs are competitive priced, some would rather pay monthly towards their hot tub as opposed to paying for it all upfront.  That’s completely understandable! We’ve partnered up with Wells Fargo and Green Sky to offer financing options on our hot tubs, endless pools, and more!  There are regularly promotions that allow … Read More

Best Hot Tub Store in Longview, Texas

East Texas Spa loves serving Longview, Texas!  Named by Forbes Magazine in 2014 as the nation’s 6th fastest growing small city, Longview has all the qualities that make a city great and it just keeps getting better. Hot Tubs for Sale in Longview Between our Tyler and Longview hot tub showrooms, we offer dozens of … Read More

Hot Tubs for Hydromassages and Hydrotherapy

There are many reasons why people purchase hot tubs in the United States. Some buy a hot tub because it’s a simple way to relax in their own backyard. Other people install a hot tub because they love spending quality time with friends and family. Whatever the reason for taking the plunge, the majority of … Read More

20 of the Best (Most Popular) Hot Tub Accessories

Hot tubs are awesome on their own, but even better with some fun accessories. Whether you’re entertaining friends and family or sharing a romantic evening with a bottle of wine, we’ve found the best gadgets, toys, and goods to ensure your experience is comfortable, fun, and relaxing.  Many of these products we carry in our … Read More

Hot Tub Covers: Buying Guide for Hot Tub and Spa Covers

Hot tub covers are absolutely essential for maintaining the performance and aesthetic of your hot tub.  Even though they can be a small additional expense, a cover is one accessory your family needs to ensure that having a spa is a relaxing experience, not a stressful one.  If you’re trying to buy a hot tub … Read More

Buying Guide: Swim Spas and Endless Pools in East Texas

Swim spas or endless pools are an incredible way to get the exercise you need without the cost, space or time it requires to run a pool. It’s true that there are many different brands and features of swim spa on the market.  However, the way in which a swim spa functions is generally the … Read More

Our Tyler Hot Tub Store is 30+ Years Old and Counting!

East Texas Spa is proud to have served — and continue to serve — the community of Tyler, Texas, a vibrant and dynamic city.   We love the city of Tyler and for our readers across the country, we wanted to share a little bit about where our first hot tub showroom has called home for … Read More

Exercising in Hot Tubs and Endless Pools 101

Exercise is an important way in which we keep our bodies moving and working well. Sometimes it’s easy to get up, go to the gym and put in a good workout. Other times? It’s pretty difficult to make the trip. If you own a hot tub, we’ve got some good news for you. Instead of … Read More

Hot Tub Safety for Parents

There’s no doubt that hot tubs provide a lot of fun for the family. While a hot tub can bring your family closer together, owning one comes with a few major responsibilities. These responsibilities include things like making sure that the water is clean and clear, that the pump works well, and that the water … Read More

Hot Tubs and Winter: A Perfect Combination

One of the biggest misconceptions about hot tubs is that you can only use it during the warmer months of the year. If you properly maintain your hot tub, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. It is possible to use your hot tub all year round, which means that yes, you can even enjoy … Read More

Could Time in a Hot Tub End Insomnia?

Could Time in a Hot Tub End Insomnia?

How  a hot tub may help you fall asleep faster. The National Sleep Foundation reports that about 132 million Americans experience sleep disorders more than one night a week. There’s a growing number of sleep disorder centers popping up across the country, evidence that the number of American affected continues to rise. What causes insomnia? Could the … Read More

The Best Hot Tub Features

Most people know that owning or using a hot tub, is a great way to relax after a long day at work or just for fun on the weekend. What most people don’t know is that many hot tubs come with a ton of features, all of which focus on your comfort, and wellbeing. But, … Read More

Warm Water Therapy Leg Excercises to Help Relieve Knee Pain

Almost all of us have suffered from knee pain at some point in our lives. Injury-related and arthritis-knee pain are two of the most common joint problems. Of course, some of us spend too much time walking on hard floors, and knee joints simply ache from stress. For every step you take, your knees absorb … Read More

Reasons to Buy a Used Hot Tub

My husband and I have sold Hot Spring Spas in the small East Texas towns of Tyler and Longview since 1986. Over the years we have seen and worked on every Hot Spring hot tub that has ever been made. Hot tubs began as wooden wine barrels that people put hot water into and use … Read More

Hot Tub Troubleshooting: Answering the Most Common Questions

As July winds down and slowly turns into August, family vacations are ending and the kids will soon be returning to school. I am growing tired of the constant hot weather. I’m beginning to look forward to the promise of cooler temperatures and football that Fall brings. I always look forward to new seasons of … Read More

Can you use a Hot Tub with Cold Water?

Can you use a Hot Tub with Cold Water?

Every summer we host a Fourth of July family reunion at our house on Lake Palestine.  We usually have 50 people who spend the weekend eating ribs, playing volleyball & watching fireworks. 6 Ways to Create a “Cool” Hot Tub in the Summer Perhaps the biggest question by my spa owners when summertime comes and … Read More

Increase Mobility

Increase Mobility

Arthritis Benefits If you are one of the 46 million Americans affected by arthritis, soaking in your Hot Spring spa can help ease your pain. Joint inflammation from arthritis causes swelling, pain and stiffness, often resulting in the loss of joint movement or function. Immersion in warm water produces hydrostatic pressure on the body that … Read More

A Better Night’s Sleep

A Better Night’s Sleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation, approximately 132 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders like insomnia more than one night a week. Find out how spending time in your spa before going to bed can lead to a deeper and more peaceful sleep.

Hydromassage Benefits

Hydromassage Benefits

There are three factors at work in a spa: heat, buoyancy and massage. Working together, they create a totally relaxing hydromassage experience. The heat in a hot tub raises your body temperature, increasing circulation. The buoyancy of the hot tub reduces your body weight by 90%*, relieving pressure on muscles and joints with a relaxing … Read More

When Should I Replace My Spa Cover?

When Should I Replace My Spa Cover?

Your spa cover is more than an attractive accessory. It’s also has the very important job of holding in heat when your spa is not in use, helping to reduce energy consumption and keep energy costs low. The cover also prevents excess evaporation, helping you conserve water, and it prevents debris and objects that could … Read More

Sleep Better

Sleep Better

Why do I sleep better after a soak in the hot tub? Many people struggle to wind down completely at the end of the day, in order to get a complete and restful night of sleep. In fact, in his groundbreaking book, Undoing Perpetual Stress, Dr. Richard O’Connor makes a solid case that the human … Read More

Tips for Your Next Hot Tub Date Night

Tips for Your Next Hot Tub Date Night

It’s Friday night. You promised that special someone a romantic date night but you’ve just sat in an hour of traffic and your back hurts. Getting gussied up to go out is the last thing you want to do. So skip the dinner and movie and head back to your Hot Spring hot tub for … Read More

The Art of Hot Tub Relaxation

The Art of Hot Tub Relaxation

Take Your Relaxation to a Whole New Level. Taking time to relax and destress is an important element of maintaining a balanced life. Being immersed in warm water has been proven to help you relax both physically and mentally, and even helps your body turn down the “fight or flight” response we have to stress. … Read More

How Much Does a Hot Tub Cost?

How Much Does a Hot Tub Cost?

When shopping for hot tubs, you will quickly find that there are several factors that can affect the final price of your dream spa.  And while we would love to provide you with some sort of online price calculator, the reality is that all pricing is set at the local market level.  Which means the … Read More

DIYer’s love this simple home improvement project!

DIYer’s love this simple home improvement project!

Spring has sprung and summer is right around the corner. This is the time where many folks start thinking about home improvements and makeovers.  We’ve compiled a few ideas that will enhance your backyard and possibly your quality of life too! Our favorite affordable home improvement is one that brings the entire family together for … Read More

How to Choose Your Hot Tub Foundation

How to Choose Your Hot Tub Foundation

Thinking about getting a hot tub, but not sure where to put it?  There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing the perfect place for your hot tub that will enhance your enjoyment. If you live in an area that’s gets snow, or other bad weather, we highly suggest placing … Read More

What’s the difference between 110v and 220v hot tubs?

What’s the difference between 110v and 220v hot tubs?

110V One of the nicest things about 110v or “plug and play” hot tubs is that once it’s sitting in your backyard, all you have to do to enjoy it is fill it up and plug it in. You don’t need to hire an electrician and hard wire anything. Because it only draws 11 amps, … Read More

7 Ways a Hot Tub is Better than a Couch

7 Ways a Hot Tub is Better than a Couch

Football season is upon us and our couches are anxiously awaiting our undivided attention as we gather round to cheer on our favorite team. This season, let’s do something different. Let’s throw caution to the wind and give our backsides a much needed change. Here are 7 ways a hot tub is better than a … Read More

Will 20 Minutes In My Spa Really Matter?

Will 20 Minutes In My Spa Really Matter?

We truly believe it will. At Caldera Spas, we believe it because we live it, and 20-minute renewal is part of our daily lives. From personal experience, we believe that 20-minutes a day can help you release tension, relax muscles and let go of all the clutter in your head. Science seems to concur. Recently, … Read More

What Should I Do Before My Hot Tub Arrives?

What Should I Do Before My Hot Tub Arrives?

Once you’ve decided to buy a hot tub, there are quite a few jobs to complete to prepare for its arrival. Your local Caldera Spas dealer can walk you through the process in a step-by-step way and provide detailed pre-delivery instructions that will make the task feel completely manageable. Our goal here is not to answer every … Read More

What Is Hot Tub Circuit Therapy And How Does It Work?

What Is Hot Tub Circuit Therapy And How Does It Work?

A Caldera Spas Hot Tub serves many purposes, including enhancing family time and allowing you to relax both mind and body. They also have a physically therapeutic benefit. Hot tubs are often used to release muscular tension or to help in the recovery of overworked muscles. What Is Hot Tub Circuit Therapy? A Caldera Spas … Read More

How Can A Hot Tub Enhance My Fitness Routine? Part 2

How Can A Hot Tub Enhance My Fitness Routine? Part 2

This is the second post in a two part series on how a hot tub can improve your fitness routine. Read part one here. A fully integrated workout strategy should go beyond the actual workout to include important essentials such as nutrition, rest and recovery time. Can I Stretch In My Hot Tub? Dynamic stretching is … Read More

How Can A Hot Tub Enhance My Fitness Routine? Part 1

How Can A Hot Tub Enhance My Fitness Routine? Part 1

A fully integrated workout strategy should go beyond the actual workout to include important essentials such as nutrition, rest and recovery time. This is the first post in a two part series on how a hot tub can improve your fitness routine. Recovery refers to techniques and actions taken to maximize your body’s ability to … Read More

What Can I Do With My Hot Tub Water When It’s Time To Change It?

What Can I Do With My Hot Tub Water When It’s Time To Change It?

There’s a great deal of attention on water conservation and smart water use, especially in areas of the country where rain or snowfall are below normal levels. Here are some tips to using your old spa water wisely. The water in your hot tub can be recycled for use around your home, decreasing the amount … Read More

Is A Test Soak Helpful Before Buying A Hot Tub?

Is A Test Soak Helpful Before Buying A Hot Tub?

At first, it seems a little odd – you narrow down the list of hot tubs you’re interested in, then go to the dealer, slip into your swimsuit and climb into a hot tub, right there on the showroom floor. If your dealer offers a test soak, take advantage of it. It’s a great way … Read More

Invest In Your Wellness Success –20-Minutes at a Time

Invest In Your Wellness Success –20-Minutes at a Time

When life gets busy—and it always does—it’s easy to let our wellness routines become anything but routine. And while taking some time for ourselves can be a challenge, it doesn’t have to become an afterthought.  Activities like exercise, meditation and personal reflection may very well be the missing ingredient to jump-starting productivity and regaining a … Read More

To Stay Connected, Try Being Less “Connected”

To Stay Connected, Try Being Less “Connected”

When people talk about staying connected to one another these days, we tend to think first of social media. With Facebook and Twitter, we can stay connected all day, every day. In fact, you’ll learn what people are having for breakfast, where they’re “checking in” and see adorable photos of their pets drinking from the … Read More

Family Fun: Connection & Conversation in the Hot Tub

Family Fun: Connection & Conversation in the Hot Tub

In this day and age of texting, Facebook, smartphones and the Internet, it becomes harder to unplug and spend quality time with people you love. Or at least it is for me. Anyone else? Various studies (a few which are outlined in this Forbes article) describe how being constantly “plugged in” takes a toll on us physically, emotionally, … Read More

The 10-Day Experiment. Are You In?

The 10-Day Experiment. Are You In?

We’re hot tubbers. We know that using a hot tub as part of a daily routine leads to positive results for the mind and body. We believe the best hot tub benefits come with frequent soaks and we want to “test the theory,” so to speak. So we’re looking for a few volunteers to join … Read More

The Power of Water: Top 5 Benefits of Water Immersion

The Power of Water: Top 5 Benefits of Water Immersion

For centuries people have sought the wellness benefits of immersing themselves in water. From the Roman baths to today’s Caldera hot tub our attraction to water continues to help us think and feel our best. Whether it’s to soothe aches and pains, or to calm a restless mind, the transformative effect of water is quite … Read More