Buying a Second Hot Tub (for Repeat Buyers)

Do you already own a spa that’s a bit outdated? Or do you own one that’s seen its better days and has fallen into disrepair? Maybe you enjoy your hot tub regularly but the time spent maintaining it is finally getting the better of you. Regardless of your specific situation, our replacement buyer’s guide will help you answer questions you have about your current spa and decide if now is the time to replace it.

When should I replace my hot tub?

A top-of-the-line spa can last five to twenty years, and generally well-made models should easily have an excellent working life of several years. That said, there are any number of valid reasons to consider replacement beyond your hot tub’s ability to function. Maybe: the size of your family has increased, your children have flown the nest and you’re downsizing, it’s time to upgrade from your value-oriented model to something more luxurious, upgrades you want to install largely aren’t compatible with your older model, you want to lower your monthly operating costs. The point is, you should consider replacing your hot tub when the current one no longer meets your existing needs.

What should I do with the hot tub I already own?

Before bringing your new baby home, you’ll have to get rid of the old one. Don’t worry, we’re still discussing hot tubs. Here are your options:

Dispose – Hire a disposal company to haul it away. Sometimes you can even collect a small fee if they’re resellers or salvaging it for parts. Before anyone arrives to pick it up, make sure your spa is drained and safely disconnected from its electrical supply.

Sell – If your old hot tub still works, you can try selling it on Craigslist, eBay, or Facebook. Even if it isn’t working, knowing what needs to be repaired and the potential costs might lure a buyer seeking a bargain or someone willing to remove it for free. If you’re comfortable with it, maybe a friend, neighbor, or family member would be interested in purchasing it from you.  We don’t suggest this route though, obviously, as we offer a vary attractive trade-in program with aggressive compensation — along with the convenience of selling to us!

Trade – Just like vehicles, many dealers across the country (including East Texas Spa) will apply credit towards your new purchase in exchange for your old hot tub. Inquire with your dealer to evaluate any options they might have.

Is it worth it to trade in my hot tub?

The value proposition you’re receiving with a trade-in is really time and energy savings, and eliminating the hassle of selling or disposing of your hot tub yourself.  The trade-in credit with East Texas Spa will probably be comparable with an outright sale (craigslist, etc), but if there is a slight difference in our offer price and the buyer’s the convenience trading with us is often well worth the difference.

The trade-in value will be determined from the condition, age, and model of your hot tub.

What are the latest innovations in hot tubs?

Just like all products, designers and engineers are constantly pursuing new technology and innovations to improve hot tubs. Your luxury and premium choices will display the latest in advanced features and design.

Modern electronics have enabled using wireless remotes to adjust everything imaginable from the comfort of your spa seat. A high-resolution touchscreen panel allows you to control temperature, jets, lighting and media options, then rest it in a built-in dock.

Multi-density foam insulation employs (surprise!) different foam densities and types to not only fully insulate the entirety of your hot tub and cabinet, but also provide engineered structural support to the shell.

As you can see, replacing the hot tub you already own doesn’t need to be a difficult or time consuming process. While everyone’s considerations are ultimately different, all you need is the right knowledge and information to make an informed decision that meets your needs.