Hot Tub Privacy: 6 Ways to Make Your Hot Tub Private


Hot tubs are a luxurious way to escape the stressors of every day life … that is, unless you have nosy neighbors! If peace is what you’re trying to achieve, it’s important to have privacy from passers-by and be able to take a breather from the rest of the world.

Luckily, there are lots of ways to turn your hot tub into a sanctuary that you can enjoy by yourself or with loved ones. Below, check out 6 ideas for achieving hot tub privacy, for every type of yard, lifestyle, and budget!

1. Privacy Screens

For an affordable and movable method of privacy, consider purchasing a specially-designed screen made for outdoor use. You can choose an according-style contraption that shields the view of neighbors, or a roofed screen that’s complete with four walls.

2. Canopies

If your hot tub is your version of a dreamy escape, an elegant canopy may be the right choice for you! Fabric drapes atop pillars and offers both ambiance and privacy, covering your hot tub in a curtained “tent” of sorts as you enjoy your backyard retreat.

3. Pergola

These slatted wooden structures evoke old-world charm while providing a shaded hideaway where you can soak stress away. For extra coverage, plant vines that will grow into the rafters and created a beautiful ceiling of greenery.

4. Giant Umbrellas

Another less permanent approach is to buy a giant umbrella that’s attached to a stand and hovers above the hot tub. This is a great option for anyone who uses their spa seasonally or doesn’t want to spend too much for added privacy.

5. Tiki Hut Toppers

Is your hot tub your getaway to a tropical oasis? Add some tiki hut flair with four pillars and a thatched roof that’s reminiscent of island life. Now, pass the Margaritas!

6. Landscaping

For green and budget-friendly coverage, try adding some trees or shrubbery around your spa that hides soakers from view. Just don’t forget to water them from time to time … otherwise, you may be bathing in plain site!

There are lots of different ways to create coverage around your spa, and thousands of styles in which to do it! If you cherish being in the privacy of your own home, that should include feeling comfortable in your own backyard and taking a dip in your hot tub!