HotSpring Hot Tub Lighting Systems

Lighting Systems

At restaurants and bars, ambiance plays a huge role in your enjoyment. The same goes for hot tubs. Hot Spring knows the value of being able to perfectly align the atmosphere with your mood. That’s why most of their spas include a multi-color LED system. Choose from the four systems below:


Featured in the Highlife® Collection, the Luminescence system offers precision lighting control in four zones. Program the underwater lighting or the bar top lighting to your heart’s desire, with both color and brightness controls. Whether you’re having a romantic soak or a pool deck party, you can create whatever vibe you like.


The Limelight® Collection of hot tubs offers the Raio lighting system. Featuring up to 39 individual points of light on the hot tub interior and Vidro® Waterfall, intensity controls, six color options, and single color or looping controls, Raio provides a luxurious, customizable experience for the user.

Hot Spot®

The Hot Spot lighting system, available on the Hot Spot Tempo®, Rhythm®, and Relay® models, offers lighting both above and below the water line with 10 multi-colored LEDs. Choose from six bedazzling colors, a three-step dimmer, and the choice to set it to a single color or rotation.


Available on the Hot Spot SX and TX models, the optional Splendors LED lighting system offers programmable colored lighting in addition to the blue LED lights that come standard with the SX and TX models.