Hot Tub Troubleshooting: Answering the Most Common Questions

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East Texas offers the perfect location to be outside with family, barbecuing, enjoying outdoor football games, and relaxing in your spa. Since we’re all using our spas more, we wanted to do some hot tub troubleshooting to our most frequently asked questions.

These helpful hints and quick solutions will make your family time around the spa even better. The best is that several of these problems are easy solutions that don’t require service calls or add any costs. If you have a Hot Spring Spa that filters the water 100% of the time, these common problems may occur less frequently


This is a problem that occurs from time to time. Sometimes it is due to a lack of enough sanitizer, so be sure and check the water with your test strip. But remember, chlorine and sanitizer dissipate within 3 days.

Another possibility is that your PH could be off a bit. Check your test strip and adjust accordingly. If you use Silk Balance PH it will adjust itself. Also, make sure you are changing out your AG cartridge every 4 months.


So often many problems are caused by dirty filters. This is one of them. If the lights are blinking, it is because the flow of water is being restricted. You can check this by removing the filters to see if the lights stop blinking after you turn the spa back on.

If you have clogged filters, we have a filter cleaner that you can spray, leave on for 15 minutes and then rinse off. The filters can look clean to the naked eye, but there can be body oils that you can’t see.


The heater cannot function properly without a good flow of water. Again, take the filters out and check to see if it starts heating. If it does, clean the filters again or see if they need to be replaced. If it does not, you will need to call us for service. It could be the heater relay board or the circ pump.

You can call our service department @ 903-561-7565.


You should be draining your spa every 6 months. The six-month-old water will require more products to keep it fresh and clean. When you drain and clean your spa, also clean the underside of the cover. The musty smell can hide there even after you have changed the water. Remember to refill your spa with the hose in the gray filter pipe. This greatly reduces the chances of an airlock.

Never drain your spa and leave it empty if you don’t use it in the winter or if you go away for a period of time. It is more likely to freeze in winter or it can cause seals to dry out. Like a refrigerator, it is better left running when gone. Turn the temperature down, lock the cover, and the spa will take care of itself until you get back or use it again.

Happy hot tubbing!

Have you ever tried cooling off your hot tub when the outside temperature is too warm to use hot water? These tips are great when it is hot outside and all you want is to take a dip in some cool water!