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Using Hot Tubs in the Summer Heat

In Texas, summer comes early.  By May, much of east Texas has already flirted with temps in the 90s!.

You may be shopping for hot tubs, thinking that hot tub ownership could be a fantastic investment. But here in Tyler and Longview, it’s hot and humid in summer, right? So will this big investment go unused from May to August (even September)?

Before you decide on the spa brand you want, you should know that HotSpring®  is one step ahead of you when using your hot tub in the summer. They’ve engineered the energy-efficient CoolZone™ System. This unique feature allows hot tub owners to transform their hot tub into a “cool tub” during the day and back to a hot tub at night.

We think that’s pretty awesome for hot tub owners in Texas. But, if staying cool isn’t enough, we’ve compiled a list of reasons to add the CoolZone System to your new Hot Spring spa.

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Reasons to choose the CoolZone Hot Tub Cooling System.

Because it’s just hot.

There are several things Texans can all agree on – Texas barbeque is the best, it’s painful to be a Cowboys fan, and Texas is just dang hot.

It can be a bitter time of year for those of us who don’t tolerate the heat well. For real, it’s all we can do to make it through August.

On September 1st, we’re pulling out the fall decorations and calling local coffee joints asking when pumpkin spice lattes will be in, even if it’s still 90º outside.  But we’re not truly home free until mid-October rolls around.

Being able to escape the heat on your lunch break, after work, or on the weekends is invaluable.

In warm, humid climates, it stays warm far into the night. A cool dip in your “cool tub” regulated by your CoolZone system before bedtime is the perfect thing to aid a good night’s sleep and keep you from waking up overheated.

Because you have kids.

Kids love jumping in and out of pools.

Kids also don’t have school during the summer. If you don’t have a pool, you may find yourself perpetually peppered with requests for screen time or to be driven to the city pool all summer long. The CoolZone System allows your kids to hang out on the back porch in the hot tub with friends and a couple of squirt guns while you enjoy summer inside – on your terms.

Because you like to entertain.

Even if your neighbor Nancy has a pickleball court, you have the super amazing, 2-in-1 hot tub that doubles as a cool tub. So where will everyone want to gather on a scorcher of a day? Simple. Sorry, Nancy, but water always wins in the summer.

Imagine being able to invite a couple of friends over on a Sunday to watch the game, cool off, and grill out as the sun goes down.

If you prefer to host in your backyard, a hot tub with the CoolZone System makes it easy to have fun at your place any time of day.

Because you’re an athlete.

Whether you’re a lifelong runner or a recently converted CrossFit athlete, the benefits of cold water therapy are real. The CoolZone System can reach temperatures as low as 60º. That’s pretty cold!

That’s the perfect finish to an intense summer workout.

Somewhere in the middle is best.

The great thing about the CoolZone System is that it allows you to enjoy a spectrum of temperatures, not just hot or cold. You know that perfect water temperature – the one you only find when you’re wading through the shallow waves at the beach?

A hot tub is a big investment. And thanks to Hot Spring’s CoolZone System you can maximize its benefits from January to December.

To learn more about the CoolZone System or our line of spas from HotSpring and other brands, our team of hot tub pros would love to chat.

Take our perfect hot tub quiz on our home page or call our store at (903) 561-7565 to jump-start your search for the best spa!

Happy hot tubbing, friends!

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