Man enjoying water therapy in his Hot Spring hot tub.

Warm Water Therapy Leg Excercises to Help Relieve Knee Pain

We have to care for our knees! Strengthening and relaxing knee joints with hot tub warm water therapy is a natural and effective treatment.

Hot Spring CoolZone

Using Hot Tubs in the Summer Heat

It’s hot in Texas. And owning a hot tub may seem counterintuitive so we’ve compiled reasons to add the CoolZone System to your Hot Spring spa.

Could Time in a Hot Tub End Insomnia?

How  a hot tub may help you fall asleep faster. The National Sleep Foundation reports that about 132 million Americans experience sleep disorders more than one night a week. There’s a growing number of sleep disorder centers popping up across the country, evidence that the number of American affected continues to rise. What causes insomnia? Could the […]