Warm Water Therapy Leg Excercises to Help Relieve Knee Pain

Almost all of us have suffered from knee pain at some point in our lives. Injury-related and arthritis-knee pain are two of the most common joint problems. Of course, some of us spend too much time walking on hard floors, and knee joints simply ache from stress. For every step you take, your knees absorb more than your weight in pressure because of the impact. The message is clear that we’ve got to take care of our knees to keep them strong and flexible.  Strengthening and relaxing knee joints with warm water therapy offers a natural and effective treatment.

Turn Your Hot Tub into an Exercise Spa

The Arthritis Foundation says that warm water therapy offers us the most well-tested and enjoyable treatment for knee pain. With water therapy, you can enjoy both immediate relief from knee pain and long-term protection from future injuries. These are some simple exercises in water that won’t require much time or any special equipment. Even better, when you perform leg exercises in warm water, it will feel more like relaxation than a workout.

Before You Begin

The Sports Medicine School of the University of Washington suggests giving yourself some time after you enter the water to relax and get used to the water temperature. They also suggest setting the temperature in an exercise hot tub to less than 90 degrees, so that the water feels warm but not hot. Once you start to move around, it’s easy to get overheated in hotter water, and this is particularly true for older folks. Keep the water warm enough to sooth you but not to stew you.

Also, it’s possible to get dehydrated on a hot day in warm water. Since you may not realize that you are perspiring, dehydration in your spa may be an even bigger risk than when you’re walking around outside. We suggest taking a bottle of cool water outside with you to sip on between each round of exercises. By the time you actually feel thirsty, you’re already more dehydrated than you should be.

It should take no more than 15 minutes a session to get good results from warm water therapy:

Ankle Rolls: From a sitting position, simply extend one leg at a time and roll your foot around on your ankle. This movement helps relax and invigorate the calf muscles that attach to your knees and also gets your blood circulating. Do five to ten ankle rolls in each direction with each foot. As an added benefit, ankle rolls usually help relieve sore feet.

Raise Your Knee Towards Your Chest: Now it’s time to start delivering some strength and flexibility back to your knees. Begin from the same sitting position with both feet on the bottom of your exercise hot tub. Slowly raise one knee at a time towards your upper body. You can use your arms to help support your leg by placing them under your upper leg. Don’t strain yourself or think that you need to get your knee all the way to your chest for this exercise to help. The weight of your lower leg will help strengthen and stretch your knee muscles and ligaments. You should find that the exercise gets progressively easier after you repeat it over the course of a few days.

Leg Swings:For this standing exercise, you should brace yourself with one hand against the side of your exercise spa. Plant both feet to stand sideways to the wall of the pool, so you will have room to swing your legs. Begin by loosely swinging one leg at a time. You knee should normally flex slightly with the motion. Once you are comfortable with this easy motion, you might follow by trying to bend your knee more forcefully on both the forward and backwards movements.

Water Walking: This is the simplest exercise for warm water therapy. Simply walk around your exercise hot tub. Water pressure and your natural buoyancy will help strengthen your muscles, but you won’t even really feel like you are exercising. In fact, this exercise might seem so effortless that you may have to take care not to overdo it.

Take Time to Relax After Your Warm Water Therapy

Leg exercises in warm water may seem so easy that you probably won’t realize how much good you have done for yourself. At the same time, just about 15 to 20 minutes of therapy at a time should increase your circulation and helped increase your range of motion and joint strength. As with any workout, you should spend a few minutes just relaxing and cooling off by moving naturally as you sit or stand in the hot tub.

If you don’t have your own hot tub, now is the perfect time to invest in one. You can enjoy the warm water for social activities, relaxation, and even the chance to relieve pain and improve your health. Just let us know what you have in mind for the perfect home exercise spa, and we’ll work very hard to exceed your expectations.

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