ACE Salt Water System FAQs

Just bought a Hot Spring hot tub with an ACE Salt Water System?  We’ve got all the answers to your most frequently asked questions about the ACE salt water system below. How much salt is in a saltwater hot tub with the ACE system? Will the water taste salty? There is very little salt required […]

How to Read Hot Tub Product Labels and Descriptions

Buying a hot tub is a complex decision. For starters, it shouldn’t be dependent on solely looks and feel. It’s highly important to consider the investment and why you’re buying to begin with, whether it’s family time, pain relief, or another factor. Compare and contrast hot tub models to find the one that suits your […]

Buying a Second Hot Tub (for Repeat Buyers)

Do you already own a spa that’s a bit outdated? Or do you own one that’s seen its better days and has fallen into disrepair? Maybe you enjoy your hot tub regularly but the time spent maintaining it is finally getting the better of you. Regardless of your specific situation, our replacement buyer’s guide will […]

How Do Hot Tub Filters Work?

(Note:  Picture is from a 2014 Highlife Grandee) Hot tub filters are perhaps the most important feature for ensuring your hot tub lives a long and healthy life. The hot tub water flows through the filter media, which catches unwanted contaminants. We’ve got all the information you need to know about hot tub filters and […]

Small Hot Tubs: Ideal Buyers of a 2-Person Hot Tub

Hot tubs are the perfect venue to relax and unwind. They can help you relieve body aches and connect with friends and family. Hot Spring® offers models that can seat large groups, up to eight adults. Their smallest model, the 2-person hot tub, is an owner favorite every year. Let us tell you about it! […]

25 Reasons to Buy and Own a Hot Spring Hot Tub

You may be thinking that hot tub ownership sounds great and that’s reason enough to buy one. In case you need a little more convincing, we’ve picked our top 25 reasons that owning a hot tub is amazing for your health and enjoyment of life. LIFESTYLE 1. Romance What could be more romantic than an […]

In-Ground Spas vs. Portable Hot Tubs

In this high speed life, multitasking is essential for moving about your day efficiently. Two-in-one products have been so seamlessly integrated into our world that at this point, we hardly notice them, let alone consider them innovative. Cell phones double as computers. Printers work side jobs as fax machines and scanners. Trains with wifi serve […]

High-Tech Hot Tubs: New Technology in Hot Tubs

Look around you and you’ll see a plethora of illustrations of our high-tech world. Technology is everywhere. It’s in our devices, our homes, our cars and our shoes. We have a certain expectation of the technology we interact with to be perfect and to never fail. In some ways, technology is used as both a […]